Sunday, December 6, 2009


This is our church,as a united congregation in 2004 we decided to build this new sanctuary.It is one of the most beautiful sanctuaries I have ever been in and I have always considered it a duty to keep it looking like new as best as I can.It is significantly bigger than our old sanctuary,which now has been remodeled into added Sunday school classrooms.This is an old picture of the old sanctuary,our church actually began in 1875 and has a long history in this community.This sanctuary was built in 1947 and the educational buildings were added later.The new sanctuary is attached to the right of the old. My family has a strong history in this church in all the early buildings and even my grandfather donated some land for the church. I still have quite a bit of family that belong to this church,I remember once when my kids were younger and a lot of their cousins were all standing up front for a program,one of the older ladies looked at me and said "I can pick out everyone of those little 1/2 Pryor's (which is my maiden name) up there by their eyes". Our church is very fortunate to have the leader we have,our pastor has been with us since 1991 and is like an old friend to most of us,our kids have all grown up together,our 2 families have some great memories together.He and I are the same age.
Today instead of preaching we had the children's Christmas play,g-son came to my house early this morning as his mom and dad went out of town for the day,and I decided to take him to "big church" so he could watch the kids. He absolutely loved it,he was mimicking the arm movements of the kids on stage and loved the singing. It was a very touching play and the kids did so well in conveying the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ. A young lady that sat beside us was very emotional all through the play.Her husband used to be in these plays with my boys when they were the age of those kids on stage.I have videos somewhere and that would be a good thing to watch this Christmas with the family.
Lunch bunch was small today,daughter,#2 son,g-son,hubbie and I. After we ate hubbie and I took g-son and made a much needed trip to Sams and Walmart,I don't like to do this on Sunday but the business of this season has caught up with my household supplies.
It has been a cold day,upper 30's for highs,supposed to be back in the low 20's again tonight,
thanking God for a warm house to sleep in tonight and wishing blessings on those who aren't so blessed.
#1 son and d-in-love made it back and took g-son home after a nice visit with #2 son and hubbie and I,daughter is on a dog sitting job for the next few days.
This has been a very nice Sunday all around and thank God for the blessings of a wonderful church family and for my kids,g-son and hubbie who are the most special people in the world to me and I know how blessed I am to have everyone so close,I thank God everyday for all this and more. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

The play was very sweet. Can't wait until "the boys" can be in it, although if my boy get in one of his moods he may just stand there with his arms crossed and looking down the floor while G-son does his parts and smile to the audience, these boys are so different but they can play so well together, it's amazing.

Nico wanted to know the names of all the children that were on the play, he kept asking for "the girl behind the computer" ... :)