Friday, December 25, 2009


What a crazy Christmas morning Mother Nature has bestowed on us today.We have a full blown flood,plus freezing rain,high winds last night,wow! Now this is something I don't ever think I have seen here, flooding waters surrounded with snow. One sad thought I had early this morning when I took these photos was how can there be so much traffic on Christmas morning.Where are all these people going,all the stores,even Walmart are closed today??? I can only hope they are on their way to grandma's!! There was ice all over my sunroom windows where the rain had blown into them and it is 2:30 and it's still there,goes to show it has not warmed up much at all today.With 25 predicted for tonight,the roads may be very bad with all this water. I am very grateful again today that we still have our power,as over 2,000 households in our county and many more in surrounding counties don't this morning,some still are without from last weeks storm.Lord bless them as well as all the power workers that are out there working on this Christmas day.I took all my decorations off the Appalachian wood stove in the living room so hubbie could build a fire in it to try and heat the new sunroom,so it will be warm when the kids all get here this evening.
#1 son called and g-son wished me an excited Merry Christmas over the phone but didn't have time to talk with all his new toys to play with.
Talked to #2 son and he told me the lady that hit the truck on the bridge was arrested for DUI last night,I thought she looked and talked kinda strange.That would also explain why the man who came and took the baby in a carseat and the other young lady out of the car was so upset. What are these people thinking when they get behind the wheel of a car with their children inside when they are under the influence of drugs and alcohol!!!! I just thank the Lord she wasn't any farther over and hit the truck head on .
What a difference a week makes the picture on the left was taken Saturday December 19 2009 , the picture on the right, Friday December 25 2009. They call our city the city of four seasons,they forget to mention that it is possible around here to have all four seasons in the span of 1 week.And yea for me I didn't realize I took these pictures from almost the exact same spot in both weeks.
I spent the afternoon cooking and catching up on some housework and laundry.When the kids got here we had a wonderful dinner and then the presents.Oh the anticipation,g-son could hardly wait until we ate to get at those presents.Time for 1 picture with aunt T before the excitement begins. I remember last year how we had to coax him into opening each package,somehow I don't think he is going to need any encouragement this year. After he handed out all the packages and was allowed to open his,it was a blur as he ripped off the wrapping paper to get at what was inside. The twinkle in his eyes brought back so many Christmas memories. I also remember all the Christmas' when we didn't have a little one around and how different they were. My kids all know me pretty well as I can attest to by the gifts I got,I love,love,love all of them! When g-son was born I choose to be Nana and that is what everyone called me,however when g-son started talking and putting names and faces together to him I became Nena. How sweet is this necklace and what memories this will stir as the years roll by! What a wonderful Christmas with my family,I think this was the best but hubbie says he thinks I say that every year! When all the presents had been opened daughter,#1 son,#2 son,d-in-love and I played d-in-love's new game,Apples to Apples and we had a great time playing until #2 son had to leave to get to bed so he could get up early and go to work.The mail must be delivered! Hubbie and g-son played with g-son's new toys until both were worn out. I thank God more than ever tonight for the special family He has given me and thank Him for the birth of His Son,our Savior that we are celebrating during this season. Good Night and Merry Christmas to all!!

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