Monday, December 28, 2009


Woke early this morning to g-son's arrival,thought he would go back to sleep,but wroonngg!
The septic pumper came at 9:30 and got that dirty job done.G-son enjoyed watching out the window.While he was entertained I finally made some pictures of some of the furniture I bought for the new room.This is my favorite piece,I found this at an interior decorating place moving sale.It was marked down 1/2 price and I got it for 1/2 off that price,$300. I had looked at several of this type cabinet and smaller ones that weren't antiques were $450 and more. This is an antique,almost 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide,the largest one I found and has lion heads carved into the front and claw feet on the legs. Open mouthed lion heads in old beliefs would ward off evil spirits and protect the home in which they were placed.Not that I believe in any of that junk but it makes for interesting conversation. I have done a little research on the net to see just how good of a deal I got and the cheapest one similar to this was $2,000, so I think I must have gotten a decent deal. And it matches the table I got perfectly. Another smaller corner curio I got at the same sale is older also but not as old as this one and it is the only piece I bought that isn't perfectly matched.I just couldn't pass it up at the price they offered it to me for $37,no lion heads on this one and by putting it in the opposite corner the wood mismatch isn't noticeable. I still have things to put in these but have just been to busy with other things,I'll be glad to slow down and have time,unfortunately that means my business is slow and I won't have any money!
Daughter came up and stayed with g-son a while this morning so I could go outside and help hubbie,we got the tarps down and put some protectant on the siding so we could put dirt and mulch against the walls. We ate lunch,daughter left to run errands and we took g-son and went to Lowes for mulch and landscape blocks. It is colder than heck outside,the temperature is 30 and the wind is blowing. G-son went to sleep when we stopped for gas on the way home,and we remembered to get generator gas this time. We carried g-son in,put him on the couch and sat up the monitor, then went outside and filled in the septic tank holes and layed the blocks out only to discover we needed more. We worked on back-filling around the upper sides on the room,that'll have to be finished tomorrow as we ran out of time.Hubbie fed cattle and I took care of the dogs. We came in and g-son was still sleeping. We had a pot of pinto beans on the stove,made a cake of cornbread and #1 son and d-in-love ate with us. G-son was cute as he demanded a piece of cake,was he surprised when he took a big bite. The wind has gotten worse,I can hear it as I type this,bbrrrrr!!!
I made 3 caramel cakes and 1 chocolate,this time of year is hit or miss baking,if you guess wrong either way it's bad. Daughter is going to market tomorrow as hubbie and I have 1 more day to get some things finished before the next round of bad weather.
Thank you Lord for the blessings of today. Good Night and God Bless.

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Mildred said...

Very pretty furniture and great bargains. Do you mostly store your dishes in these?