Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today started off slow with me oversleeping,maybe because we baked until 2am. Anyway while I was outside doing the morning chores I looked to see if any more ice had fallen off the roof,it hadn't. I called the gutter guys and told them there was still a lot of ice up there,and I didn't want them to think they had to come today,I didn't want anyone to get hurt.He said they were dealing with the same thing on the job they were doing this morning and they would be here at 1:00. #1 son brought g-son in to go clean out a road into a small development. We decided not to go antiquing with g-son along and I also felt like someone needed to be here while they put up gutters.Sooooo we just hung out,I did laundry and some housework.
The gutter guys were here promptly at 1:00 and went right to work.They are starting in the front in hopes that some of the snow will slide off the back and low and behold it did.How about that!!!
Hubbie came home early and daughter,g-son and I decided to go to the local mall to finish our shopping. We got caught in a traffic jam on the way and while we sat in traffic g-son went to sleep. Perfect timing d-in-love called and was on her way out of town just as we got to the mall so she picked up g-son and put him sound asleep in her car.
We only shopped at 2 stores but found what we were looking for and then took the back way home to avoid the mad traffic rush,it was unbelievable!!!! Our little town has to many people for the road structure in it. I never travel the main road to town,I always go around the back roads,its longer but takes less time. Daughter had to get ready for a date and I put the dogs up and fed them. The gutters look good as far as gutters go I guess,as long as they carry the water away from the house they're good!
I did paperwork,iced caramel and chocolate cakes and had a nice visit with a friend who came by to pick up a cake. I discovered I don't have enough coconut to ice all my coconuts and I need some other things and really don't want to be in the stores tomorrow so hubbie drove me to Ingles,I have a hard time seeing to drive at night. When we came back I iced the coconuts and put them out in the new sunroom to stay cold for tomorrow.
I can't believe Christmas Eve is tomorrow it has come up fast,this Christmas has been different for me. In the midst of all the construction and bad weather I lost my usual excitement for decorating. I'm going to make a point next year to not have anything interfere with Christmas,we'll see how that works out!!!!!!!!! I was thinking tonight how this would have been a good year for all my outside decorations,they would have been beautiful in the snow. After the gutters were up today,I sighed,at last it's all up to us now,but there is a lot of work to be done. Tomorrow night is Candlelight service at church,I'm looking forward to that. We'll celebrate the birth of Jesus with beautiful Christmas music by candlelight.
Please join me in celebrating the BIRTH OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOR!!!
Good Night and God bless.

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