Saturday, December 12, 2009


Market day again,so soon??? Had a customer come by at 7:45 to pick up a cake. Got to market early,don't know why,nobody else is here! Ended up having an okay day,I didn't have any orders today and that usually tells me it's going to be slow. I thought today what it must have been like years ago for farmers selling here. We are celebrating our 85th year of operation this year. There is heat now,but not great,it is a cement block building so if it's cold over night the cement seems to hold on to the cold during the day.On days that start out in the 20's,I always wear long handle underwear,and this year I already have worn it more times than most years. There is no air conditioning in the market so summer days get pretty warm in here,but I am thankful to be inside out of the rain and wind.I have been involved in outdoor markets and it is a challenge,
dealing with the weather,and no customers are going to shop in the rain. I inherited my table from my mother,some of the people in here are 3rd and 4th generations.My daughter is a 3rd generation for our family. This picture of hubbie and I was taken some time ago and is posted on our website.We were talking today about when he can retire and this will be a good thing to have when that happens,he enjoys coming out here and socializing with the other men.There is many interesting things in our market and depending on the time of year it can be full to the brim with fresh produce or plants,there is always canned and baked products year round as well as many interesting crafts,dried flowers and even eggs and frozen beef. I can't imagine myself ever just doing nothing and as I talk to some of the older ladies who come out here they mostly do it for the joy of getting out and having a purpose for the day.
That brings to mind a conversation I overheard Thursday between a 80 something year old man with some one he knew.He was telling them all the stuff he does everyday at his age he was building a shed for a small tractor he bought,he had chickens and went on and on about his little farm. When he was asked how he felt like doing all that,he said,"I wake up every morning at 5 am with a purpose for that day",the more I think about this the more I know I need to change some things in my routine. Some days are so hum drum,I need to find a purpose for everyday! God has been so good to me and given me good health to be able to work and do things,I need to make a point to honor Him more than I do,by concentrating on the positive aspects of life. When I don't wake up to several men working right outside my windows I have some ideas to start doing just that,I'll share later.
After market today daughter,who made it to market after lunch,and I went to Tractor supply to do a little more Christmas shopping. She came home and I went to Aldi and Walmart for supplies and groceries before coming home. After we put things away we had an earlier supper,daughter left to go with g-son to Hollywild to see the Christmas lights. Hubbie and I did our chores and vegged out for the evening waiting on the snow?,ice?, rain? you're guess is as good as any.Temperature is 32 so who knows what we'll wake up to in the morning. News is over,bedtime, Good Night.

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I am so happy you posted pictures of the market. Now when I read your posts, I can more clearly imagine where you are etc. I think we are mostly getting rain early this a.m. Wishing you and your family a blessed Sunday.