Saturday, November 14, 2009


Daughter met us at market this morning. We had a good day today,Thank You Lord, it's amazing how many people are still in town. About 12:00 when it really slowed I went next door to shop in a used furniture market and found a set that I liked but it was almost $1000. So as I looked at it the manager came back and asked if I wanted him to call the consignor and see what the lowest price was,I said sure thinking even if she knocked a couple hundred off I still couldn't afford it. So when he came back and said she would take $500 for it I was stunned. It is really nice but that's still a lot of money and that's only a loveseat,swivel/rocker,footstool and end table. I would still have to buy that $200 table and chairs I found yesterday. What to do, what to do??????? So I did nothing!!!!!!
After market daughter and I walked uptown and checked in some more shops and re-sale shops,unfortunately the shop where my friend told me she saw some wicker furniture was closed by the time we got to it. In fact a lot of the shops closed at 3 or 4, come on people it's Saturday afternoon!!
We had a nice dinner in a unique little place that used to be a drugstore years ago,it's now a diner,but has preserved the charm of the old drugstore with the stools at the counter,1 wall was covered with the old apothecary bottles,and even a working jukebox with oldies for your listening pleasure.Daughter and I chose a table by the window to watch people on the street,I was amazed again at how many people were still on the street. I'm sure the beautiful weather we had today had a lot to do with it, sunny and 73 degrees,wow. Daughter and I usually do things like this only at Christmas so it is so nice that she now has time to go with me and just walk and enjoy browsing around on just any old Saturday. After we ate we made 1 more stop in an antique shop near the market,she had went in there last week and saw some neat things so I was hoping they were still open. I made my only purchases of the day there. When I saw these old saws I was flooded with memories of my dad,he had saws just like these and I remember watching him use them.I have no idea what happened to his but these are exactly like them so I dickered and bought both of them for little more than the price of 1. I do have dad's old handsaw with his name on it and I have a plan for what to do with all of these,when I get it done I'll post a picture and let you know my plan! More things with memories,I love it! We hobbled back to our cars still parked at market,both of us had hurting feet from our long walk in non walking shoes!! Daughter went back to her sitting job and I went to Aldi and Walmart for supplies for next week. I'm not usually out driving around at sunset and when I saw the sunset over town it was beautiful and made me glad I had my camera.This 1 taken in Walmart parking lot made me think of the old saying "red sky at twilight sailers delight" means another beautiful day tomorrow.
Home about 6:00,unloaded,and resting,ahhhhhhh, wonderful day!
Update on Fa-in-laws move,the 2 son's finished the move about 4:00 this afternoon ,he wasn't overly receptive of living in the "old folks home" as he called it but he didn't put up a fight and they left him on his own to make his way around. We'll see what he has to say tomorrow.
On days like today I feel super blessed and thank God for every minute He gives me and all the wonderful ways he expresses His love for me.Forever humbled. Good Night.

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