Saturday, November 28, 2009


Are you in this picture??? Wouldn't surprise me!! What a busy day at market today.
Unfortunately for some who came expecting a free carriage ride, the man who we hire to do the rides fell ill yesterday and couldn't come. I know there were a lot of disappointed kids. There was still plenty of free refreshment and good old southern hospitality to go around. I even talked daughter into a Christmas apron for the occasion.....As for me I always have fun in my santa's helper hat and dress.A man came through and made my day,he asked if I slept with a smile on my face,he said he came in quite often and had never seen me without a smile! Now there surely are times when I'm not smiling,but I'm glad I project the smiling me!!! Had a great day,daughter sold completely out of her things and I only had a couple cakes left,sold quite a few crafts also. Thank you Lord,giving you all the credit!
Left market,daughter went home and I went to check out the Habitat resale store right down the street.They were having 50% off everything in the store. Yeah,I found a dining room set for the new sun porch and a side table to match it. Called hubbie to bring the truck,the workers there were so nice helping load and wrap the glass sections so they wouldn't break. It is a wooden frame with smoked glass and 6 of the most comfortable rolling/rocking chairs I have ever sat in.When I get it set up there will be pictures but for now it is covered with a tarp in the back of hubbie's big truck in the shed. Successful day all around, funny how what you start out thinking you want is usually not what you wind up with,at least that's how it goes for me. I'm very happy with this purchase! It was getting dark by the time I got home after stopping for supplies at Aldi and Walmart.
Had what else but turkey salad sandwiches for supper and relaxed on a thankful Saturday night. Looking forward to church tomorrow as always,we will light the candle to start the Advent season,I love this time of year in church.To God be all the glory!!!! Good Night.

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and so thankful that you and your daughter both had good days. The dining set sounds very comfortable; can't wait to see when you get everything like you want it. Have a wonderful Sunday.