Thursday, November 19, 2009


Builders were here bright and early,I had the van loaded and out of their way.Pretty slow market day made me thankful for the orders I had. Ran errands,delivered 3 Avon orders,got home about 5. Daughter picked up subway for all of us for supper after she finished running at the park. She did some of her baking ,hubbie and I went to clean church.When I turned on my computer this picture popped up.This is my Annie,she is a registered Australian Shepperd ,the only dog I have actually bought in a very long time.I usually try to adopt or sometimes just take in strays.About 1 1/2 years ago I decide I wanted a red merle Aussie,I have had Aussies for years and they make very good watch dogs with their keen sense of hearing and alertness.I watched all the local shelters,but no luck. I saw an ad in the local Iwanna for 4 month old pups,they were about an hour and a half drive away.I really had wanted a grown dog so I wouldn't have to go through all the puppy bad habits. But I decided to go look at these pups,so on a very cold day last January hubbie and I made the trip to a place called Granite Falls. They had 3 pups left out of a litter of 12. As soon as we walked up to the cage 2 of them were jumping all over the fence trying to get to us and 1 was just sitting back with a wary look in her eye.She wasn't the prettiest one,but when I looked at her she looked me directly in the eyes,no one else noticed as the other 2 were making so much noise and causing such a ruckus. I think the man was very surprised when I said I want that one back there!! The connection was made and I brought her home,we also brought one of her friendlier sisters home for d-in-love.Thankfully I did as this is how I controlled Annie for a while by letting her follow the friendly sister.
Annie is now 14 months old she still has her puppy playfulness but is very intelligent and sticks to me like glue when I'm outside. I did all the training of her so she has little to do with anyone else but she loves on me every chance she gets,she has turned out to be exactly what I wanted in a guard dog.She still has that wary look in her eyes and if you drove up in my yard and was greeted by her barking and looking like she does you wouldn't get out of your car! She hasn't ever bitten anyone but she has that look that no stranger will ever trust.
When I take her to the vet they always make me hold her,he just says she's a strange one but is going to be super smart. So far so good!!
Stories on how I acquired all my other dogs to follow soon.
May God answer all your prayers tonight! Good Night.


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful. Isn't it funny how we "lock" eyes with an animal and just know they are the one?

Claudia said...

This is what my "Buddy" is but he's blond and white, instead of red/brown and white and you are correct when you say they are guards. Buddy will bark at airplanes, unknown visitors, all kinds of animals that live in our woods, etc. If it wasn't for Buddy we would of never know we had a copper head snake in our front yard 4 years ago, he was the one who started barking nonstop until he got our attention.

They are so loving and courageous guards, the only but is that he loves to chase cars which scares me but with his collar he knows how to stay in his allowed perimeter, which is far from the road.

Adorable Annie!

Deborah said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading your blog and I look forward to following! I also have an Austrialian Cattle Dog,(one of 5) I adopted her a few weeks ag. It's a long story, but a happy ending for her! She sticks to me like glue..I love that.
Glad to meet to you! Have a Blessed Day!

melissa said...

I recently adopted an Austrialian Cattle dog from my local animal shelter....he is about 11 months old. Not too long after I brought him home I came to the conclusion that he is deaf. He was a stray so there wasn't much info on him. I am having the worst time ever trying to train him. He knows to sit or shake but he is really bad about jumping on me and nipping at my legs. I know that cattle dogs are known for this but how do I stop him. I am so stressed about this and I feel bad but I am about to give up. any suggestions?