Friday, November 6, 2009


This day has been another glorious fall day here in the NC mountains! G-son was here today and made it even better. I had alot of my baking done this morning before he got here at 10:30 so we enjoyed the sunshine outside. There probably won't be too many more mid 60's temp day's. After an active morning g-son crashed for a long nap at 2:30 giving me time to ice and wrap some cakes. My cousin called today just to chat and although I felt bad about not talking to him long there was just some things I wanted to get done and couldn't do holding a phone to my ear.Is this selfish??? Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to not have a thing to do but then I don't have time to wonder to long!!!! I can't imagine myself in that position,I have to many hobbies and would probably always be doing something.
When hubbie came home I took the dogs on a walk. It is getting cool really fast this evening,you can sure tell it is fall tonight. The landscape now has that leafless wintery look. It is refreshing to take deep breaths of the cool clear air.
We came back to the house just in time to meet d-in-love who picked up g-son. Daughter was in the kitchen finishing up her baking.From the looks of this holly tree in my front yard there will be plenty of beautiful decorations for the holidays.Did you know that the leaves of holly trees were used to treat smallpox. The berries however have a very different effect as they cause immediate violent vomiting as soon as they are swallowed,although a few birds can eat them.I use holly to decorate outside some but am afraid to use it inside around my g-son and my 4-legged kids.
Hubbie and I got an early start on cleaning at church,which was good as I have quite a few cakes to ice tonight. Good to get back and get started on my cakes so I can get to bed at a decent hour tonight. It is 11:00 and I'm finished,yea! Going to watch the news and get ready for bed. God bless everyone including me!!! Good Night.

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