Saturday, November 7, 2009


Daughter was already in the kitchen wrapping her things when I got up this morning.
Market started off slow early but picked up as the day went on and turned out to be another good day.Thank You Lord! There were new vendors who started today selling fresh farm raised beef.
They are young nice looking young men and they sure took notice of daughter,and she of them! Their farm is across town from ours in a beautiful section of the county.I've driven past it before and saw all the black angus cattle in the pastures.
Daughter's little sister walked up to the market after she got off work at her job in a hair styling salon in town. After we loaded up everything they headed up town to walk around and I headed to Aldi and Walmart to pick up supplies,also stopped at Ingles for some things and ran into 2 old friends and visited for a few minutes with each.
I got home about 4:00,we unloaded and then headed for the potato patch.It is past time to dig these but we have had to wait on a bit of dry weather.They still had mud stuck to them so we sat the buckets out to dry out some before we put them in the root cellar.Our root cellar is just a big hole in the ground about 5 foot deep,4 feet wide and 5 foot long.#1 son dug it last year,we put an old pallet in the bottom so air could circulate under and around the veggies,it is covered with a piece of R-Max insulation framed in 2x4's with a tarp on top. It worked great last winter and we had some of the coldest temps we've had in quite a few years.We've kept it covered all summer so it wouldn't fill with water.The only draw back to this design is it is very difficult to get down into.So hubbie put a hook on the end of a 2x4 and we put things in buckets with handles,so we just hook the handles with the hook and lift them out! We kept potatoes,apples and cabbage in it last winter. I would like to find some acorn squash to keep this year.If I can't you can bet I'll grow my own next year.I grew some this year but planted them to early and they came in way to early to keep. We only had 4 buckets of potatoes this year,but we've already eaten a lot of them. There isn't many really big ones and we were trying to remember if we bought new seeds or planted what we had left over,I think we planted what we had left over. Anyway we'll buy new seed next spring.
Daughter and little sister came up just as we finished,they are eating supper with us. We came in and I started supper while hubbie did outside chores.We are having shrimp and baked potatoes with salad and rolls. Little sister is skinny but she ate more than any of us,she really likes shrimp. We had a slice of daughter's cinnamon/sugar cake for dessert and it was delicious! They left for d-in-loves house after supper to watch movies with g-son. Hubbie and I relaxed in front of the TV for our Saturday night country music shows. I am downloading all my pictures to my Walgreens site ,that way if my computer crashes my pics won't go away.
Well it finally happened hubbie finally had to face the fact today that his dad cannot take care of himself anymore.Hubbie took him into Ingles with him to get his groceries and he had a pretty bad mini stroke,almost fell to the floor and had to be almost carried to the car.
He can't take his meds correctly anymore,(hasn't been for a while) and this is probably why he is having these TIA's. Hubbie took him home and went straight to a retirement home nearby and talked to a man there,took a tour and scheduled an appointment for his dad to go tomorrow afternoon to look it over,but the decision has already been made and he is not going to be able to say no.So says hubbie tonight,I'm going to be mad if he doesn't stick to his guns on this. The VA will almost pay the total bill for him a studio apartment and his SS will pay the rest and for someone to give him his meds. This will eliminate a lot of his problems. He has been doubling up on some of his pills and not taking others. He won't get in the shower for fear of falling and things are going downhill very fast so this a very necessary move. We probably won't do anything with his house until spring,then we'll try to rent it to help defer expenses. This is the best news I've heard in a long time. Hubbie is doing this without his brother,as he is on a hunting trip,but I'm sure he won't care. I just hope they haven't waited to late and let him get to far down. I can't explain the relived feeling this gives me,I really can't explain it!!
This has been a calm,relaxing evening, Glory be to God,thanking Him for all for my blessings. Good Night.

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