Monday, November 2, 2009


This morning has been busy,I'm starting to write this at 11:30 am instead of the usual pm,I'm waiting on a load of laundry to dry before I go back outside and I was on here anyway sending my Avon order off so I decided to blog about the morning. The contractor called first thing to tell me he was planning on being here next Monday,he said once they got started it shouldn't take more than 3 weeks to totally complete the job,of course that's depending on weather,uhh!
Anyway I have hope now!!! Hubbie is off today and has been finishing g-son's big slide to get it ready to play on tomorrow.Suppose to be a nice day again so we'll be spending a lot of time enjoying the last of the warm weather. It has been 65 today and bright sunshine. After finishing 3 loads of laundry and lunch I took all my Halloween decorations down and put them away. To make room to get to everything in the garden shed I bundled some money plant and put it in the van to take to market,I can finish taking the husk off it Thursday between customers,I also need to get out the dried okra and take it with me Thursday.Then I started raking leaves,part of the lawn is totally covered and they are against the house on one side which is a fire hazard. While I raked up huge rows of leaves hubbie took #2 son to get a piece of tile board he needs for his bathroom and we need some mulch to go under g-son's slide. After finishing the raking I delivered an Avon order to a neighbor and visited for a few minutes to take a break and rest my back! Back home hubbie and I loaded all the leaves onto a large tarp and drug them down into the woods below the house so there was no way they would blow back into the yard.Whew!!! just think we get to do this again next week when the rest of the leaves fall off the trees. #2 son helped hubbie cut down a big curly willow tree that was in the way of our new sunroom. I cut off some of the curliest branches and bundled them to sell at market ,I put these in my van along with the money plant from this morning.WOW, I am gonna have a load Thursday! Took the dogs and went on an early walk I feel energized even after working all day,I love to be outside! Walked for 1 hour,Dolly and Bernie were dragging by the time we got back to the house,they both wanted to eat and then they zonked out in their beds and haven't moved. Walking is as good for them as it is me and we definitely need to get back in the routine.There is no rain in the forecast at all for the first time in quite a long time maybe we will get a dry November instead of the dry October we usually have. I did my outside chores and ate a bowl of potato/broccoli soup for supper. Daughter and a friend went out to eat and hubbie ate a salad. I love the feeling of accomplishment for all the work we got done today and am ready for a hot bath,but that will have to wait for a little while as the night is still young,not even 7:00 yet,wow it feels like about 10:00,have I said I hate these time changes!!!! We are all working trying to co-ordinate babysitting tomorrow afternoon,since I don't usually keep g-son on Tuesday I made a mammogram appointment for tomorrow,as I forgot about my appointment in October,(which they weren't happy about) the option of cancellation is not good. D-in-love has a photo shoot at the same time,so maybe if #2 son doesn't get called in to work he can stay with him until daughter gets here, shuffle,shuffle,shuffle!!! Whoever said it takes a village to raise a child sure knew what they were talking about.How different things are now than when I was raising kids,of course I only had 1 job with regular hours! I am glad for kids that are willing to do what ever it takes to make a living, I have some friends that are not so lucky and talk about their kids just moving in on them and sitting down for them to keep up. So I consider myself blessed that my kids are all hard working and g-son is lucky to have 2 sets of g-parents that are willing to help with him. Because I know from experience that childcare takes a massive amount of your income,with 3 kids in daycare I came to realize that I was practically working to pay the babysitter,so when hubbie changed jobs and got better insurance I quit working and stayed home with my kids. Believe me we sacrificed a lot and it was very hard losing that income for a while but we made it and it instilled that hard work ethic in my kids. I enjoyed spending time with my kids,volunteering at their schools and being a part of every part of their lives as they grew up,I wouldn't change a thing if I could go back and do it all again. The only thing that was really hard was by the time my daughter started school she and I had such a bond that going off to school was very hard for her,she was 2 years old when I quit work, and I remember for several years she would beg me to home-school her. Funny thing though as she got older she was the one out of the three that loved school the most and even through college she seemed to have a joy about going to school. Wellllll!! I am going to enjoy a quite break now before I start my baking tonight.
My break ended a little while ago and now my ovens are full of cakes. I have just been trying to figure out why I cannot reset one of my radio controlled clocks to regular time???????
I am looking up tax credits for our metal roof and windows we are getting ready to put on and they are really good,we picked a great time to re-roof and add-on. I have to call the roofing company tomorrow to make sure their roofing has an energy star rating! The contractor said they would come in and frame the sunroom in before he ordered windows and doors,I like that approach that way we can figure out what size would be best.I just hope all goes as planned and he makes it in here next week.When this all started last month I figured we had plenty of time before the end of the year,but now I'm a little worried!!!
Dang me!! I know God will work it all out in His good time!!!! I am thinking about starting a new diet where you do 3 low carb days and 1 higher carb day,then repeat the cycle.There is a book called "crack the fat loss code" that is along these lines,but the more I read on this type of diet the more I decide,you need to find your own numbers,of how many carbs are low enough and high enough to suit your individual needs. We'll see what works best,I think I will try it for a while and see what happens.I figured my carb intake for today and it is about 171 so we'll say this is my carb up day!!! Tomorrow I'll try for a carb down day.I know this type diet works for me as I have done the Atkins and lost weight on it but I gained it back plus some.Maybe knowing I'm gonna tell how I do on here will inspire me to stick with this one!! Well I just got my cakes out of the oven and put the glaze on the wine cakes.It is only 10:00, wow,what am I going to do with the rest of the night!!!
That hot bath still sounds good! I need some down time after my day of raking leaves and my back and legs are letting me know it tonight! Glory be to God from who all blessings flow. Good Night.

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