Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Greeted by a foggy morning as I drove to market.Busy day for me filling everyone's Thanksgiving dessert orders. Heard today that 1 of the other bakers in the market had quit because of health issues,Bless her,she was a nice lady and made good pies. Ran a couple of errands after market,delivered 5 Avon orders and picked up a few supplies before heading home. I was greeted back home with a black tar paper roof,the builders had taken all the shingles off and repaired several bad spots in the roof and covered it with black paper,the metal is suppose to come tomorrow.He said our roof was in really bad shape even in places where we didn't know it was leaking.At least all the tarps are off the roof now for the first time in 2 months!!!
Daughter came in after I got everything unloaded,she had went to buy things to fix her Samaritans Purse Christmas Child boxes. We all had grilled chicken breast and steamed veggies for supper. D-in-love came by to pick up daughter for a young ladies Bible study class tonight and they took all our boxes to church. Now we are concentrating on our 2 names from the elementary school daughter works at.The teachers submit names of students that are needy and won't get Christmas presents,then you choose form them,we got 2 5-year olds,1 girl,1 boy. I picked up a beautiful doll today for the little girl.I love giving at Christmas,I love to imagine the joy on these little faces as they open these boxes to see what's inside. I would never be a rich person,because I'd give it all away.Little DOLLY,the smallest of our 4-legged kids,she weighs less than 5 lbs and is now 4 years old. My shadow everywhere I go,she loves to snuggle under the covers and is so attached to just me it is funny. She won't go out at night unless I go with her,she won't go with hubbie.
Daughter wanted a dog when she was in college,so she bought Dolly as a 6 week old puppy.When she brought her home I thought she wouldn't make it,she was so small and frail. Daughter has an underdog helping personality so she choose Dolly because she was the runt of the litter and she felt sorry for her. She kept her with her until she moved into an apartment off campus and couldn't keep her. So I trained Dolly and spent a lot of time with her,she became very attached and I gave daughter her money back and Dolly was then my baby. I had Poodles when I was single so I knew they were pretty much a 1 person dog,so I wasn't surprised at how attached she became. She loves to chase balls and will keep doing it until she drops.I have to watch that she doesn't get over heated as she has had several seizures and overheating can cause them. I was so afraid when Bernie came to live with us (which is another days story) she would never accept him and although they are jealous of each other they love each other like brother and sister.
Dolly has 1 favorite toy,which she has had since she was young,this jimminy cricket doll.I have sewed the seams on this thing multiple times and tried to trade her other dolls but she wants this old thing,at least it's washable! Dolly is like a child to me and she returns my love double. She brings to mind that old saying "I hope I'm the kind of person my dog thinks I am!" Sweet Dolly the little princess loves her pink fury bed even when it's shared. She used to get up on our bed when I left and lay in the spot I slept in until we got a new higher bed that she can no longer jump up on,so now she stays in this bed beside our bed all the time I'm not home.
I have stayed mixed up with what day it is all day,but it's been nice tonight not to have cakes to bake or ice or church to clean. I have just been lazy but keep looking around at all the cleaning I need to do tomorrow!! But that's another day,ha ha!! I was going furniture shopping but changed my mind and decided to wait till Friday,I'm afraid some of the stores might be closed tomorrow and I'm going to the next county and want everything to be open.
I'm so sick of all the "black Friday ads" hoopla and think its so funny that the media has got on the kick to expose them for only having 2 or 3 of the advertised items. Well duh, if you're just figuring that ploy out you don't shop very much!!!!!!!!! As for me I can wait,things will be cheaper after Christmas than they are on the so called black Friday and they might even be cheaper before then. Although I sympathize with young families,because I remember getting up in the wee hours and standing in line when my kids choose something for Christmas that would appear in a black Friday ad. I need (want) a laptop but am so wary of all the false advertising I would be afraid to buy one of the advertised specials now anyway.
Early to bed,early to rise for me tonight. Thank God for all the blessings of today. Good Night.


Deborah said...

Cute Post! You were very busy! Dolly is adorable!
Have a great day!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Claudia said...

I love that daughter came to bible study, although last night was a hard lesson to hear.

Dolly is like a little person, you are right. I've never liked little dogs like that but I'm never saying never, who knows, when my kids are grown I'll probably have a little baby like her to take care of and filled my days. :0)

Black Friday is something I enjoy, I don't fight the crowd, I just take it as a journey, I look through and find good deals for my nieces and nephews, I go by myself, enjoy the Christmas music, get up at dark hours of the night and to me is a treat, Crazy I know ... ha ha ha

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!