Monday, November 16, 2009


Woke to the sound of trucks,a lot of them,#1 son's and 3 builders all in different trucks. G-son did not like all the hammering and sawing going on outside,he acted very nervous even after we took him outside and let him see what all the noise was about. They took my satellite dish down so he had to watch DVD's this morning. TV people are suppose to come in the morning and move the dish and re-wire. It was another challenge when I called them and they told me there would be a $49 charge,I said just cancel my account and I'll list with someone else and they will come out and put me up a dish free! After a few moments of silence she said what if you pay the $49 now and I credit your account $5 a month for the next year? Now that brings a new question why would anyone trade $60 for $49?? I'm sure that is a way of making sure I stay with them for 12 more months but I wasn't planning on changing anyway unless they didn't bargain off that charge.So I can't think of a way I'm not going to win in this situation,
but I'm still wondering if "because you're a long time valued customer" is reason enough to trade $60 for $49????????
After lunch we went to run some errands and look in a couple more places for wicker furniture.G-son and I played peep-eye while hubbie shopped at one store.He met a little 14 month old girl in the store and he wanted to hold her hand but she wouldn't let him,we had a good laugh!This is what my back deck looked like when we left ,imagine my big smile when I came home a couple hours later to this........ Wow this is going to look like a different house! They say they are hoping to have the roof on it tomorrow,I hope so too because it is supposed to rain tomorrow evening.
G-son went to sleep on the ride home and hubbie carried him in and put him in his bed on the other side of the house from the noise,he took a good nap. Daughter came in and did some of her baking,#1 son picked up g-son and hubbie and I had a light supper.
Tonight will be interesting for hubbie as there is no TV except in the kitchen where I'll be baking cakes a little later. The electrician called back and is supposed to come Wednesday.Turns out to be the same electrician that wired #2 son's house.
Went by fa-in-law's new place to pick up some paperwork and he was out walking around in the parking lot,talking about how much food he ate for lunch because it was so good. He looked right at home.
Housecleaning and laundry day tomorrow,ugggg,I can't wait to get time to sew up a new idea I've got,picked up some supplies today at a thrift shop.
It's amazing how God seems to work things out,sometimes seemingly just in the nick of time, but always in His good time. What a wonderful loving Father we have! Good Night.


Anonymous said...

So very nice to meet you. Your sun porch is going to be so nice. You have an adorable grandson! Today is my day to clean and catch up on laundry since we were at the Dr.'s office all day yesterday. It does not take long to get behind!!! Wishing you blessings throughout the day.

Claudia said...

Yay for the construction, it's going great!!