Sunday, November 22, 2009

When I arrived at church on this rainy,cool morning for some reason I looked up at the steeple on our church and thought of how it stood out against the cloudy sky. It made me think of how we as lovers of the Lord need to look against the dark sinful world we live in.When I took this photo out of my van window,through the rain I thought of how strong and true this old cross has stood through all kinds of weather. The sermon today was on thankfulness and how we should be thankful everyday for the blessings we have in this country.We don't think twice about how lucky we are,pastor started out the sermon by asking when we got up this morning and turned the shower on we expected water to come out,as we got in our cars,we expected them to start,when we go to Ingles or Walmart we expect them to have groceries,and on and on he went to make his point as to how blessed we are. As for me I know how blessed I am and I thank God everyday for it,because I can remember when we didn't have running water in our house,I can remember an outhouse with 2 holes,1 big and 1 small for us kids that was about 50 yards from the back door.I can remember eating in wintertime, only what was preserved during the summer and fall,there wasn't a grocery store on every corner. When I was even a teenager with a drivers license I remember there was only 1 store on the other side of town that opened on Sunday. There was no traffic after everyone got home from church on Sunday. It was a hard life but worth every minute of toil it took to make a living,I have tried to pass down that work ethic to my kids even though they have never known the hardships of my childhood.And I must brag I have 3 hard working kids at this point that I am very proud of and thankful for. We had hamburgers for lunch today from some of the fresh meat those young men are selling at market and it was very good. Only 4 of us at lunch today,daughter,#2 son, hubbie and me. #1 son's family are at another out of town get together of d-in-love's family.Fa-in-law has started eating at the retirement home so no point in dragging him out in this cold rain.
For me this day has been a thankful day of reflection. This is me with my dad probably about 1955 when I was about 1 year old,story was I cried and would not have my picture made until he sat down with me.I'm glad to have this early picture of him as there aren't many.
On the left is a picture of mom and dad in 1979 dressed to go to my youngest brothers high school graduation. My dad never put on a tie so this must have been the appropriate attire for attending high school graduations back then!
I got married on Dec.21,1979,had #1 son in Oct.1981, #2 son in March 1983,and determined to have a daughter she thankfully was born in March 1985. Hubbie and I both have devoted our lives to these three and they have not disappointed us.When daughter was 2 years old hubbie changed jobs and got better insurance so I was able to quit my job and raise our family,as paying a babysitter to keep 3 children was taking almost everything I was making as a drafting engineer in a diamond tool making shop. I remember how hard it was adjusting to staying at home,I had worked full time since I was 15 years old,but once I adjusted I was very happy being a full time domestic engineer!!!! I found plenty to do volunteering at school and taking care of our little farm. Several years later hubbie quit his job and we farmed full time until it became college time for the kids,then he went back to work full time. Our family became very close in those years we were all working together on the farm,all 3 of the kids learned to drive the tractors and work in the hay fields.It was a rewarding experience for all of us and I thank God for allowing us to find a way to do it.In Dec.2005 another chapter in our lives began as #1 son married and we took on the roles of in-laws,hopefully we have been successful in that role as well,(you'd have to ask d-in-love!!!).In Oct.2006 on #1 son's birthday God saw fit to bless us yet again with g-son,thus beginning the grandparent era of our lives.And when g-son gets older he will have to tell you how we are at this. I have so much to be thankful for it is unbelievable to me at times.My life is so complete and I know it is all the Lords doing and you can be sure a day never goes by without my humble prayers that are lifted up to Him.
The rain is still coming down outside and we are hoping all the plastic and tarps do their jobs yet again,I'll sure e glad when we get our new roof on!! Talked to the builder,not going to take a chance taking roof off tomorrow,going to do it Tuesday,metal will be here Wednesday anyway.
Good Night.


Mildred said...

A beautiful Thanksgiving post today. I enjoyed your photos and memories very much. We had rain all day Sunday as well. I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

Claudia said...

What great pictures!!!!

I enjoyed spending time with #1 son, D-in-love and Daughter Sat. night.

You have such a beautiful family!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!