Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Welllllll!!! It happened,that phone call!!!! Yes at about 9:00 the phone rang and it was the Breast Cancer Center with the heart wrenging news,"they saw something on your mammogram" she asked if I could come in immediately.G-son not here yet and after going through agony for a period of time when they found the melanoma this past spring,I was glad to go immediately,believe me!!
When I got there the same people that did the test yesterday were there and I could see the looks of pity in their eyes,although they kept saying re-checks are not uncommon don't worry. They took several more pictures of my left breast and then the lady that was doing the mammogram showed me what they saw,and I could see it too. She said she thought it was a lympth node that had moved but the radiologist disagreed,so it was on to wait for an ultrasound,I was told that I would not leave until they resolved it one way of the other! As I sat in the waiting area awaiting my ultrasound I actually thought I was going to be sick,so I prayed,I prayed for positivity,I prayed for peace,and I also prayed thanking Him for being beside me and I knew that He would never bring me to anything that He wouldn't help me get threw. The sick feeling left before they came to get me and when I was watching the ultrasound screen and kept seeing the blip that she kept trying to focus on,I kind of felt peaceful. So when she said I think that is a lipoma,have you ever heard of them,I almost burst out laughing,instead I held up my left arm,and she said wow, I guess you have! (I have them all in my arms and legs,the dermatologist took one out of my arm this past spring and I have it in a jar) When the radiologist came in to talk he said that there wasn't any danger,we'd just have to keep an eye on how big this one gets. THANK YOU,THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!! Snatched once again, this time by my guardian angels here on earth. I am very impressed with the thoroughness of all the people at the cancer center,they were all working hard to resolve the findings and were prepared to do whatever it would take to make a correct diagnosis.
I couldn't possibly describe the relief that I felt as I stepped out of that door 2 hours later.It is all part of God's plan and I'm so glad that breast cancer isn't in the plans for me, at least not today!
D-in-love met me at home with g-son and she went on to work late.G-son has felt great today. What a difference a day makes!!!We played outside in the beautiful sunshine this after noon,he loves his new slide.That's that happy face I love,he is so precious! When he got tired and thirsty we came in and while he rested I bagged all my dried herbs,they dried very nicely and retained their green color. They will make good mint tea this winter.After g-son had a snack and got rested he wanted to go back outside so we went visiting. After getting to stay with uncle D yesterday it is going to be hard to keep him away from down there now. He knows he has this tall guy wrapped around his little short finger!!! When hubbie came home he helped uncle D cut some tile board to add to the wall above his shower.
Things aren't made for tall people and when he takes a shower water is splashing on the sheet rock wall above the shower stall.
#1 son came in and helped them finish and them came and picked up g-son. Hubbie and I made a much needed trip to Sam's Club,we ate a hot dog there for supper,(just blew my diet for today!). When we got home we both went for the alka seltzer,ha ha!!
Daughter came in from having supper with a friend and started her baking.While she baked I payed bills,finished my end of the month paperwork, bagged my Avon orders and stamped my Avon books. Whew!!!!! I started icing cakes about 9:00 and just finished at 11:30. I'm glad I wrote some of this earlier today!
This has been one of those gut twisting days,I'm just now getting unwound and boy has it really took the wind out of me,I feel like I could sleep for a week. I just want to get in bed and relax and thank God that today turned out like it did. I pray for the women who don't get good news,God bless them as I know a little of how they must feel now. I'm just amazed at the bullets I've dodged lately and wonder how this all fits into God's plan for the rest of my life. Feeling truly grateful and humbled tonight. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

AMEN is all I can say. Wow ... how scary and what a big relief. I'm so happy to know it was nothing. I'm sure you enjoyed the rest of your day with a very different view, didn't you?

Glad to see G-son is doing much better and the playground was finished and it was just a sunny day for all --- after making sure you were ok ---