Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today is Veterans Day, a day of remembrance and also thanks to the many who are still with us that have made this country free and helped preserve our lifestyle that is envied
throughout the world! I say thank you!
The overnight rain finally overwhelmed the creek banks this morning.This flood is not near the depth of the September flood but was enough to close the road for a while.
It was sure good to see these girls just looking down over the flooded bottom instead of being on the other side of the flood waters! It is 2:15 now and the rain has stopped,it is still cloudy and windy but the wind will help dry things up quicker. G-son has been here since earlier this morning and he is really talkative and happy today. Of course he has got to see his aunt T and uncle D today as they are both off work for Veterans Day. I have worked on some paperwork and mostly just vegged out today so far. Daughter has gone now to take fa-in-law for his TB test for entrance into the retirement home. Hopefully he will get to move in Saturday. While g-son was taking a break in the recliner getting close to his nap time,I went to the kitchen to wrap and ice some cakes.WhenI looked out the window there was this little sneaker peeking out from behind the birdfeeder as if he knew he was where he shouldn't be. I didn't realize when we moved the feeder away from the porch,we put it beside a chair and that made for an easy jump for ole Blaze! I love watching him and his (or her?) acrobatics.
G-son is funny to watch,he is fighting sleep,his eye lids are batting,he's yawning,but he is determined not to fall asleep,it is hilariuos but I have a feeling the sand man is gonna win out!!
I finished my paperwork and payed bills,daughter came in and said fa-in-law is excited about moving! She took him shopping and out for coffee after they toured his new place.She was talking about how big the place is.
After evening chores, we had a hot dog supper while daughter is doing her baking.D-in-love picked up g-son,he had to have a bag of his aunt T's p.b. cookies to take home. I can't wait for he coconut macaroons to come out of the oven!! Yummy, those are really good,I've never been much of a candy maker so maybe daughter can take that up.
I finished icing my cakes while her cakes cooled. I watched another UNC b-ball game,this one is such a blow out I kinda feel sorry for the other team. Tarheels have more than doubled the other teams score. It is 10:45 now and I'm tired and ready for a hot bath and bed. Remembering all those soldiers that have lost their lives fighting for our freedom,also thinking that this great country of ours was founded with the love of God in mind as the words "IN GOD WE TRUST" should forever be in everyone's heart just as it is inscripted on many things in our history. Good Night.

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