Friday, November 13, 2009


The sun goes down on another Friday the 13th without any broken mirrors,black cat crossings,ladder walk unders,or any of those bad things that make all those who are superstitious shake in their boots. I'm not one of the superstitious tremblers,I believe God controls all things and He has no tricks up His sleeves. Faith overrules superstition anyday.
The builders worked another 1/2 day today but got quite a bit done in just over 3 hours.They are finishing up another job hopefully this afternoon,he said they got behind because of the rain. Hubbie took 1/2 day off to take the aluminum awning off our front porch but decided not to when he heard the forecast for more rain next week. Instead we went to a couple places to look at furniture,found a really nice table and chairs,the table is a little bigger than I wanted but I came home and measured and it will fit so I'm going to look around a little after market tomorrow and then go back there if I don't find anything else. I didn't know wicker furniture was so expensive. When we got home I made 3 Christmas aprons,I was planning on getting alot more sewing done today but oh well there's always next time.I did get 3 Christmas vases filled with potpourri and lights,I didn't get a picture of them today as I had to pack them up and get them out of the house quickly because smelling that potpourri almost gave me a migraine headache.
I got out in the fresh air for a walk,I noticed a few splashes of color still around like this bright yellow maple.
It has been a very nice sunny warm(65)
day today,perfect fall weather today. Water is still just seeping out of the ground in places,I still say this may be a very interesting winter if we get cold temps!!!!!
Daughter came by and packaged her baked goods for tomorrow
then went to her sitting job. Hubbie and I cleaned church and I came home and iced 6 caramel cakes. A very light baking day today but it is time to slow down a bit before Thanksgiving.

These pictures I know look very much like yesterday's but the deck is now almost 3 feet longer and there is a 2x10 all around the outside for strength,it is called double banding.The siding on the house is also cut out ready for the framing. The most important thing,we marked all the windows and door today since the floor is now all there,so they can be ordered,it will take between 1 and 2 weeks for them to get here. We also discussed interior and exterior finishes. He said they should have it dryed in by next weekend!
Wow! our police scanner is really busy tonight,someone just got shot and killed at a local restaurant and they have called for the mama helicopter for another victim,so sad one of the victims is only 21 years old. Watching the news tonight there are a lot of senseless crimes going on in our area in the last few days. I just pray that these lost people would let God come into their lives,that would take away all their meanness and emptiness that causes so many of these crimes.
I'm sure glad I have God in my heart and thank Him everyday for the wonderful Grace He brings. Good Night.

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