Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Oh no,when I woke up at 7:30 I was sure I heard rain! Whew!, I was wrong. Builders were here early,maybe they thought they heard rain also. Shortly the electrician showed up and then the Direct TV guy came.Nothing like getting everything done at the same time,I just don't know where anyone else will park!!!!!!!!! This picture turned out pretty good even taking it through the window and screen. There were actually 2 more trucks up at the barn, #1 son's and 1 of the builders. The TV guy was interesting,all he did was brag on himself the whole time he worked and after he left we discovered he did a very shabby job!! I've never had good luck with any of these guys,they all do the same shabby work so maybe that's how they are taught! Between dealing with all these workers I did 4 loads of laundry and some housework. It is cool 60 and cloudy,looking like it might rain any minute.The builders are actually running across the roof trying to get it finished so they can cover it with black paper. Everyone but the builders were finished before lunch,but they stayed until they got the black paper all on.
When they came back they said they would be finished framing the back today and ready to start on the front tomorrow if the weather didn't get bad. When hubbie and #2 son got off work,the 3 of us took the aluminum awning down.After I moved all the furniture off the front porch,we went from this to this in about 2 hours with the 3 of us working....As you can tell in the picture darkness almost caught us and the tarp on the roof has been there since we first spotted a leak in September.
The sunroom is all framed up,wired and waiting on windows and door,they tacked some plywood to the front so rain wouldn't blow in and wet everything. They have got more done than I thought they would in 2 days that's for sure.
The thought hit me tonight,I hope all my feathered friends and little white squirrel friend come back to their feeders after all this commotion is done. I miss looking out at my feeders and seeing all the different birds and watching the acrobatic antics of the squirrels. I will need to re-locate feeders and birdhouses.I took 1 bird house down and cleaned it out today that was on the front porch and it made me think of all the new places I'll have for feeders and houses when this is done.
We had a light,late supper tonight and had a few minutes to relax before baking time starts.
I made 44 layers tonight that's more than in the past few weeks,yea for the Holidays. I'm wondering though about Thanksgiving because by this time usually I have at least a dozen orders,this year so far I have only about 6,hmmm,people may be baking their own dessert.I have a large order for this Thursday from a lady from Jacksonville,Fl. of 6 caramel cakes and she always buys more when she gets here. It has been raining since it got dark tonight,not hard but steady.We have tarps and plastic everywhere trying to keep things kind of dry,wish us luck,ha ha!! I feel like I've done a good day's work today,that is my muscles feel that way. A good hot bath is gonna feel good tonight and maybe even a heating pad on my back!!! I went to school with 1 of the builders,he's probably a couple years older than me,as I watched him climb onto the porch today,I laughed and said you look like me doing that.He laughed and said "You know I haven't figured out what's causing that yet",I said I sure hadn't either,ha ha ha !!!! I eat 9 gin soaked raisons everyday and they help my stiff arthritic hips and knees,it isn't a miracle cure for me like I have read some folks say it is for them but I can sure tell when I go off them for a while. This is result of high school basketball,I fell alot and always had bruised knees,high school sports are great until you get my age,then you start wondering if all those good memories are worth all the pain????? I would answer that with a yes,I would do it all over again!!!!! News is over,cakes are out and hear my bubble bath calling.
Thanking God for a day full of grace and good health. Good Night.

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