Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Got to sleep in a little this morning,felt good.I went downstairs to get daughter info she called and needed,while I was there I started a load of laundry.After breakfast I hung my towels out and did some housework before g-son got here.He wanted some french toast when he got here so I had some also,it is pretty cool this morning so we won't be going outside for a little while.I payed bills and got some things ready for market tomorrow while he watched Scooby Doo on TV.It's funny how he has advanced through the cartoons that have hypnotized him,first it was Barney,the Wiggles,Spongebob,Blues Clues,Buzz light year and Woody and now Scooby Doo will keep him endlessly entertained and I'm sure I've missed listing some of his past favorites.After lunch one of the roofers came back with his estimate and g-son came outside while I talked to him and played for a while.Other g-ma came and picked him up about 2:00 to spend some time with him as she has been out of town.
I spent the afternoon in my herb garden and really enjoyed getting some of them ready for winter.I cut all the basil that was left and layed it out to dry along with some oregano,spearmint,peppermint,grapefruit mint,and apple mint..
I also cut sprigs of all my mints to root over the winter so I can expand my supply next spring.I used to have more varieties but some of them just didn't come back up the next spring,so this a way to insure that I will still have these next year,mint is usally very easy to root in water.
They make a beautiful window display and smell wonderful.I finished these about the time another roofer came to give an estimate.Then I cut the red okra we planted that was left to dry and sell for dry flower arrangements,I hope it retains some of its red color..I went for another long walk today,enjoying this beautiful day and praising God for the wonderful life I have and thanking Him for my blessings,when I'm walking,looking around at all his creations it's easy to feel very close to Him.
As I walked I am still amazed at how quickly things have gotten back to normal after being covered with 6 feet of water in some places less than 2 weeks ago,that's the beauty of nature.With the cattle resting in the shade and Annie getting in some water play I can't help but feel sad for people who don't have the opportunity to experience the wonders of country life.This is God's canvas and I am very grateful for every little part of it. Back at the house daughter was still not feeling to well so I fixed her some chicken soup,I had a tomato sandwich.I downloaded some of my photos so I can have them printed,as my winter project is to organize photo albums! I frosted my cakes and wrapped and cut some of them.Since I worked in my herbs today I will tell some of my uses of them.
(1) PEPPERMINT,the strongest scented of all mints makes a tea that calms the stomach and soothes sore throats and coughs.
(2) SPEARMINT,reminds me of chewing gum every time I smell it, also makes a wonderful tea that treats stomach aches,fevers,and indigestion.
(3) GRAPEFRUIT MINT, is the best mint for cooking,goes well with carrots,peas,potatoes,and lamb.
(4) APPLEMINT,has large fuzzy leaves,most ornamental mint,also makes the best mint jelly
(5) OREGANO,known as the pizza herb,used in Mexican and Italian cooking,makes a tea that treats swollen glands,indigestion along with many other things,steep some leaves and add to a bath to ease painful joints.
(6) BASIL,of which I grow the most,good with any tomato based food,I sell mostly for making pesto,makes a tea that aids digestion and added to bath water is an invigorating beauty bath.
Wow! I should never get sick with all this stuff around! I love growing herbs and finding out new uses for them.
The news is almost off and I'm headed to get ready for bed after a full,rewarding day. To God be the glory!!! I say good night with another of my fall decoration ideas.

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