Monday, September 21, 2009


Woke to the sound of cars coming in and out this morning,g-son coming, daughter leaving for work.Oh good, I forgot hubbie is off today,snuggled back under the covers and listened to the gentle rain outside the window.Wasn't long until I felt someone staring at me and g-son was getting ready to shout "wake up nena" at the top of his lungs, enough of leisurely lounging for the day! Had breakfast and helped g-son find a cartoon he liked, while hubbie checked on the cattle.They are still shut up in the upper pasture and according to the forecasters they may be there a while.#1 son came through to get his dump truck to have a new tire put on it,he isn't working today because no one can pick apples in the rain. Poor apple farmers this rain may finish many of the remaining crop off, as it will cause the apples to fall off the trees,added to that they can't spray the late ones to keep the fungus from all the wet weather from ruining them. This kind of weather isn't good for any type of farming.I made 3 Avon calls to customers and finished keying in my order on the computer. With nothing else to do but sit in the house,we decided to drive to the other side of the next county to look at a 4-bike carrier to put on our truck. It rained all the way there and we drove slow.We bought the rack after making sure it would fit on our truck.As we were driving back this way on the interstate a lady came up beside us honking her horn,I thought it was someone we knew,but when hubbie rolled down his window,we didn't know her,she said we had lost our hub cap a ways back.Wow there sure are some nice people in the world,that she would take the time to do that is awesome! We got off the next exit and went back around not expecting really to find it or expecting it to be run over or bent up,after all going 70 mph with all the traffic on the interstate. Low and behold as we circled the ramps to get on the interstate where we had before,there in the middle of the lane it lay,hubbie stopped,jumped out to get it when no traffic was coming, and there was not a scratch on the thing,I could not believe it.Who ever you are out there lady, thank you very much !!!!
We stopped at a couple furniture stores to look for a small rocker/recliner but had no luck,I just can't see ( or afford) paying $300-$400 for one chair.It was past lunch time so we found a Mcdonalds and had lunch and let g-son play in the inside playground for a while,he loves these things,and I forgot my camera,darn!!!!
We stopped at a pet store for some soap and collars for the dogs and I found a bigger bowl for Chovie the beta fish ,also got a small filter for it,so the water will stay clearer.
Rain,rain,rain hasn't let up all day,I feel moldy!! When we got home I got Chovie set up in his new home,he has a lot more swimming room now.Moved some things around in my office and brought a rocking chair from there to the living room,it will do until I find another one. Hubbie and g-son are playing in his playroom.I called a man about our roof,he is coming tomorrow to give me some estimates on different types on roofs.#1 son came in and he and hubbie spread a tarp across the roof where it is leaking as the forecast is for more heavy rain tonight and tomorrow.Anyway now we won't have to rush the roofer and the stains on the ceiling won't get any worse.Daughter came in from volleyball practice and played with g-son some before he and his daddy left.
Hubbie and I put on boots and rain gear to do our daily chores, the ground is so mushy your feet just sink into it.I will have to let my dogs stay out of their lot tonight because it is flooded,I'll get some mulch tomorrow and dry it out some,hope they stay out of trouble tonight.We had leftovers for supper,daughter went to work on some of her schedules on the computer,hubbie is cleaning up the kitchen and I am sorting my Avon product inventory,I keep some products on hand,people who are visiting and come through the market sometimes ask for things and don't have time to wait for an order.I have lost count of what I actually have,so that's what I worked on tonight,I now have an accurate count of my products. Daughter came up and found some products she confiscated for herself.I got everything put away and re-arranged some files to make keeping up with father-in-laws affairs easier,(better than the shoe box they were in).As I put things in files I had to laugh to myself,I have a unique filing system,it works for me but for anyone else it probably wouldn't make sense! I don't need to do any baking tonight as orders are down and I'll just do it all tomorrow night.Tomorrow is the first day of my favorite time of year,fall, ahhh,it just seems like you get to slow down and enjoy things more and I love the cooler weather,however I hear the news talking about it snowing already out in Colorado and I'm not ready for that yet.Maybe this year we'll get to use our fire pit more,we couldn't use it last year because it was so dry and we do kinda live in the woods.
I am sitting here blogging, listening to the news,they have had to evacuate a neighboring community because of high water,they got 9" of rain since last night,wow.So far so good for us,it has just been a light rain all day,I emptied 2" out of the gauge this evening.That makes us over 9" in the last 2 days.Tomorrow is suppose to be a better day.Have to meet with well inspector in the morning to get a state water inspection sample taken and sent off.Roofer didn't say what time he would be here.A day of housework waits for me tomorrow,I would like to get my fall decorations up.
Today I have 2 different nuts that grow on our farm to talk about....this is a HAZELNUT or FILBERT.These are not near ready to eat but the squirrels love these nuts and I may not get another picture.I like to eat these nuts to and they are very good for you,rich in protein and with a high fat content they are a high energy food.Pralines are made from hazelnuts and their flavoring has many culinary uses. This is a familiar nut here in the mountains,the BLACK WALNUT grows prolificly on our farm and surrounding areas.These are very tasty if you have the patience to get the meats out of the hard shells which are covered with this softer green covering , but this covering has an extract in it that stains anything it touches and is very hard to get off,even your hands.This extract is used to make dye,and if you ever fool with black walnuts you will definitely know why! The wood of the black walnut is prized for it's durabilty and color in making furniture,flooring and rifle stocks. The nut meats are also prized for their flavor,eaten raw or used in baking and other food they have a wonderful flavor. The hard shells are used in abrasive cleaners,cosmetics,water filtration and also in oil well drilling.If you have a black walnut tree you have to be careful what you plant near it as its roots,husks,and leaves secrete a substance into the surrounding soil that suffocates many other plants such as tomatoes. I can attest to the difficulty in getting the meats out of the hard shells,we have tried several methods and you always have either very small pieces or powder after you hit them hard enough to break the hard shells.
It is 11:50,time to retire for the evening.Thank you Lord for the Blessing of today .Good Night.

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