Friday, September 25, 2009


Got up planning to make an early run to Ingles and got caught by a phone call from sister-in-law and what we talked about totally shattered my world today. Some relationships with people very close to me will never be the same after our conversation.
I made my trip to Ingles anyway and was back and had a good start on my baking before g-son got here. He was ill from getting up to early this morning and nothing pleased him,I have yet to figure out what he wanted me to do with an apple he brought to me and asked me to do something to it,crying made it impossible to understand him and I did everything I thought was possible to the apple for him to eat but it still wasn't right.How about a banana??!!!! I didn't have much baking to do as the forecast is for rain tomorrow so after I made us egg mcmuffins for lunch, I put g-son in the van and went to look for a new rug and chair for the living room,maybe spending some money will make me feel better.I went by one place to look for a hand hooked rug but they were closed,then went to Big Lots,G-son was fast asleep so I made him a bed in the shopping cart and looked around,I found a chair I like but wanted to look at some other places before I get it.
I decided to come home with g-son so he could get a good nap,luckily he stayed asleep while I put him back in his car seat and out again at home,he must really be tired because as big as he is it's hard for me to gently get him in and out.I layed him on the couch and he slept for over 2 hours.I fixed my clothes for tomorrow's old timey day,everyone is supposed to dress old timey.I hope the temperature is what they are predicting 68 or I'm gonna be warm.I layed down to rest also but my mind is racing still about my morning conversation.That's my way of dealing with things that hurt me,I just keep going over and over them in my mind. I feel hurt,mad,sad,
bewildered,double-crossed and just plain stunned all at the same time.I'm glad g-son is here with me today because he always makes me smile and just hugging him makes me feel better.
Daughter,#1 son came in and ate supper with daughter,hubbie and me.Then daughter started baking her cupcakes and hubbie and I went to clean the church,we ran to Ingles to get daughter more cupcake papers and saw 3 different blue lights in a distance of about 2 miles,1 was just a broken down car in the middle of the road,1 was a friend's son's truck up on a bank with 1 of the wheels off it,and 1 was a car off in a deep ravine on the side of the road.Lord just let us get our work done and get home! There was cars parked everywhere around church and I remember that a women's Bible conference was going on,one of these days I'm not going to be so busy and I'll be able to go to this to find out what it's all about because there was sure a lot of women there.We have had it in our church for several years but it has out grown our church so they moved it to the college across the road.
When we got home daughter had cupcakes everywhere, I hope she sells a lot tomorrow.I helped her between packing my things up and icing my cakes,we finished about 11:30. While I sit here at the computer I can hear it start to rain outside,at least we don't have to worry about our cattle, as we shut them up on the hill tonight.The weather forecast is for more flooding tomorrow as the ground is still so saturated,if the rains are hard it will cause another flood.I hope this doesn't happen,we need to dry out.I am praying for wisdom and knowledge tonight that I will handle things in a Godly manner.I can't help but think that phone call this morning was a wake-up call with info God wanted me to have,I just have to decide what if anything I should do now. Glory to our Loving,Thoughtful Heavenly Father. Good Night.

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