Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Got up early to be sure I'm up when the plumbers get here,didn't feel like cereal this morning,just had toast and green tea.Let the dogs out and started icing caramel cakes,I iced 18 this morning,that should make tonight easier.Plumbers came while I was working,#1 son was here so I let him handle what they wanted to know.G-son is watching cartoons and having cake and caramel icing for breakfast with milk.They have to decide where to pour a cement pad to set the pressure tank on and they hooked the pump up and pumped some water out,it looks very clear.They have the waterlines and electric wires ran so we can pour the pad,that's all they can do today.
After they left we had lunch and #1 son left to go to a job and g-son and I made a door prize avon delivery and went to Ingles to pick up a few things. We played outside for a while, he rode his tricycle until he got tired from petaling it in the gravel driveway and wanted to go inside.We had a snack and hubbie came home,he played with g-son while I took a rest and watched the news.He says there is something wrong in our breaker box and we can't hook the well pump where we thought we could (nothings ever easy).He is taking tomorrow off to pour the pad and get an electrician to check out the breakers.#1 son came after g-son and we ate supper after they left. I feel better after my rest time and took the dogs for a short walk while hubbie planted some collard and kale seeds so we can have fresh greens this fall.Tonight is the first night I did need a jacket on my walk,it was about 72 today and since the sun went down it has really gotten cool,ahhhhhhh fall is in the air,I can feel it.
I started icing when I got back in the house,I iced 6 more caramel cakes,4 chocolate and 4 coconut cakes and wrapped and boxed some of them.Daughter came in from her last day on her TV job and she looked happy,I think she really likes her new job. She has a volleyball game to coach tomorrow evening.Today's plant is called MORNING GLORY because it produces beautiful ,colorful blooms that last only about 2 hours in the morning and then close into a little bud.The seeds of the morning glory when eaten produce a LSD type high and where greatly used in the 60's by the hippie generation.Retailers now keep a watchful eye on who is buying the seeds in their stores.We have a lot of these on our farm and in the mornings they are so pretty and smell so sweet.The flowers are on a vine that can grow up to 10 feet in length.
It is 12:30,everyone else is snoring ,I am heading that way myself,it is so cool tonight I know I can sleep good.Thank you Lord for another blessed day.Good Night.

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