Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Woke to a beautiful,sunny morning for a nice change.Hubbie has taken today off so He and #2 son,who is also off today can lay the blocks on our well house.Hubbie took off to home depot to get the blocks and mortar mix.G-son arrived while he was gone and then #2 son arrived and started getting all the tools they would need together.G-son and I came in the house and he ate his breakfast.There was no staying inside,not with pawpaw and uncle here....As work begins guess who was right in the middle of all the action.We really have these huge black tortoises in our yard,and they have hands ??????
As the sun got hotter I was finally able to talk g-son into coming inside and helping me fix lunch.
After a short lunch break they went right back to work,they finished about 4:30 and now all we lack is a roof for it! I told #2 son that I'd be glad to advertise his block laying ability but he said no that he believed he'd stick with mail delivery.I'm so glad to have 2 son's that can do just about anything we need done.They both have worked since they were 14 and in all those years have learned many different skills.
While g-son watched a Scooby Doo cartoon I put up my fall decorations and put away all the summer ones in the attic. After everything got moved out of the driveway g-son and I went to pick up my Avon order.When we came back he sat on the couch to help me and I walked out of the room for some bags and when I came back he was fast asleep.I bagged my orders while he slept.His mom came after him and tried to wake him but couldn't,he was all tuckered out from a busy day.
I took the dogs for a short walk as I have a lot to do tonight and am really feeling blah,probably partly because today while I was sweeping leaves off the back deck a yellow jacket stung me on the tender,underside of my arm and it is still throbbing with pain.Yellow jackets are the most painful of all bee stings,especially in the fall of the year.I didn't have an onion to put on it and that is what I usually use on stings to take away the pain.
I payed all our's and father-in-law's bills and stamped my Avon books.Daughter came in from having dinner with one of her friends and I got her to see if she could get a virus off my computer before it completely took it over.She worked for more than an hour but finally figured out how to delete it,those things amaze me ,how they get on here even with all the virus protection, and can block all your efforts to get them off ,well almost all as she finally found a way they couldn't block.I iced 12 caramels,4 chocolate,and 2 coconut cakes and wrapped and labeled everything I could for tomorrow.Maybe this funky feeling will be gone by in the morning.
Thanking God for all me blessings and answered prayers today.Good Night.

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