Thursday, September 3, 2009


This morning was easy getting to market with hubbie off work and helping,he even followed me in and helped me unload as he had some in town errands to run.Had a busy day,everyone getting cakes so they wouldn't have to get in the Apple Festival crowd Saturday.Sold quite a few crafts today also.#2 son, the mailman came by to see me as he brought the market mail in,he only worked 2 days this week but has a full week next week.
Left market and went to a re-sale store to look for a rocking chair,
didn't find a chair but found a dining room set I would love to have,it
would be perfect for my dining room and everyone would have a seat at it,now only 6 people can fit at mine and it has no leaf.This one actually has 2 leaves which would be good on holidays when we have more company.The price was originally $900 and it was marked down to $600 with 25% more off,but when the lady came over to talk to me about it, she said to wait until after Labor Day because it would be 50% off,so I decide to take a chance that it will still be there. I still need to find a rocker for the living room.
I mailed bills at the P.O.,made 3 Avon stops and went by Aldi and Walmart for baking supplies,made it home at 4:15.Hubbie helped me unload and put things away,he was just finishing up the pad at the well,it looks good...We are getting closer to having this project behind us.
While he put away tools and took a breaker out to take to work tomorrow to get a replacement,I rested on the couch and watched the news.We ate a light supper and I walked and checked the waterhole and fences,the neighbor unloaded some new cattle in his pasture and it sure got the attention of all ours.I put my dogs up and we went to clean the church.Tonight was window washing night along with the regular work.Hubbie went to bed as soon as we came home and I'm blogging and listening to the news on TV.Today's wildflower is JOE PYE WEED this plant gets its name from an Indian Herb doctor named Joe Pye during early colonial days he was said to have cured Typhus Fever with this herb.It is also called QUEEN OF THE MEADOW because of it's large beautiful blooms that butterflies just love.This next one is a very familiar one called GOLDENROD, it has many medicinal uses.It has been used as an anti-inflammatory drug, a diuretic,it is said to promote wound healing and is widely used as a kidney and bladder tonic. Tea can be made from the flowers and when bees make honey from goldenrod it is a water white,spicy tasting deliciously mild honey.It is also hailed by many to be a sign of good luck or good fortune,but considered by some to be a troublesome weed. The goldenrod plant contains natural rubber and the tires on Henry Fords Model-T were actually made from the goldenrod plant,but manufacture of rubber from this plant never got past experimental stages.Goldenrod is the state flower for Kentucky,Nebraska and South Carolina.
Today has been a little warmer about 77 but this evening cooled down nicely and tonight is suppose to be 58 again,maybe we are in for an early fall,okay by me!!!!
Looking forward to a busy baking day tomorrow and what ever else God sends my way.Counting my many blessings as I get ready to call it a day.Thank you Lord and Good Night.

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