Thursday, September 10, 2009


Started out early this morning,another cloudy ,dreary ,cool day,changed my mind about the top I was going to wear today and I was glad I put something with sleeves on.Got everything loaded and got to market at 9:30,set up and looked for some of my apple growing neighbors ,but none of them were there.The family in the next booth who live just up the road from us didn't come and I really hope they didn't loose all their vegetables that were just starting to come in,plus their apples.
Had a surprisingly good day,more people came in than I expected,especially with the dreary weather.Tried to help a friend set her up a blog between customers,hope we did it right,I'm definitely not the expert.
Hubbie came by and helped me load up and ran 1 errand for me,thanks hun. I ran regular errands and had to pick up my Avon as it came a day late due to Labor day.Made it home at 4:15,found the cake boxes I ordered on #2 son's porch,glad they came before Saturday.Daughter came in from work and helped me unload,hubbie was taking a guy he works with that lives up the road home so he was a little late.We fixed an early supper as we were both hungry ( I forgot to eat lunch again!).Looks like I would be skinny but unfortunately I could forget to eat several meals before you could tell it.We watched the news and both of us almost went to sleep so we went outside and did our evening chores.The rain yesterday filled the waterhole for the cattle in so hubbie spent time in the creek and I gathered cucumbers and checked out the other garden stuff for damage,it looks like we may not loose a lot,our last main crop is under ground anyway,
the potatoes.A neighbor brought her son by with his fund raiser candy and we bought 5 bars,
g-son will be on a sugar high for days,ha ha!!
We went to clean church and got back about 10:30 ,we are having a carnival at our church Saturday and I have a list of things I need to do for it tomorrow.I have a long honey-do list also.
I talked to sister-in-law,she found me some eggs on sale and I need to get them in the morning,I really appreciate her and she loves to hunt bargains,so it works for us both.As soon as my business slows enough I like to go with her,she has an eye for a deal.
Today's plant is ECHINACEA or PURPLE CONE FLOWER,it is a familiar herb at the supplement counter.Indians used it to treat many ailments and in the late 1800's a doctor rediscovered it as a cure for rattlesnake bites and to prove this he allowed himself to be bitten by several rattlesnakes and lived to tell about it because of the echinacea.Today it is recognized by the food and drug administration as an immunity booster.If you take it at the first sign of a cold or sore throat,etc. you can shorten and lessen the severity of the sickness,but there is warnings that you should not take it longer than a week at a time or it will loose its affect.I think I will definitely buy some and have it on hand this winter for the flu season.I actually planted these in my garden years ago and they have continued to come back every year,however they are found as wildflowers in many places in our area.
I am listening to the news,to a sad report of a man we know that crashed his plane and was killed today,God bless his family with your comfort during this time.
Headed for bed soon as the news is off,get ready for a fun day with g-son tomorrow.
Thank you Lord for all my blessings today and everyday,help me to Glorify your name in all that I do. Good Night.

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