Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Got up on time today,let dogs out and took a walk with them.Another dreary,rainy day to look forward to.After breakfast I cleaned out my canned foods cabinet in the kitchen and moved some new canned stuff in there so we won't have to go downstairs every time we need something.I was just finishing up when g-son arrived,he wanted to stay outside in the rain.I hate days when he has to stay inside all day,but with his imagination running wild these days I'm sure he will come up with some fun.
We had lunch,me tomato sandwich and pasta salad,him peanut butter sandwich and milk.We found a scooby doo cartoon on TV and he wanted to watch it,so we piled into the "cliner" as he calls it and relaxed....Bernie and Dolly like lazy days so they get a chance to get in the recliner with me also.
After the cartoon we went to Ingles,I needed some dark brown sugar for my caramel icing and a few other things.While we were in the store it started raining harder,luckily we had taken in an umbrella and g-son held it over our heads all the way back to the van.
He helped me carry everything inside when we got home,he is getting so big and loves to help with little jobs,he gets so proud of himself.
The plumber came by this afternoon for the last of his money for the job,now only 2 more things to complete this adventure,the state water test and a building around the pressure tank and well,right now we have it covered with a tarp and just hope it doesn't blow off.G-son was entertaining this man while I went in my office to write him a check,I could hear him running his mouth a mile a minute and when I got back where they were,g-son was sitting at the computer,showing off his fair picture that I have as my background and pushing keys on the keyboard like he knew exactly what he was doing.He is so funny sometimes and is really getting quite social,unlike most kids who would have followed me into the office instead of staying with a stranger and talking like he had known him all his life,(maybe that's not a good thing).
When hubbie came home g-son wanted to play in his playroom,so I had the time to pay our weekly bills,uugh! I couldn't find a receipt for something hubbie bought, and that bugs me all to pieces when that happens,he has a special place to put his receipts and still can't keep up with all of them and then he acts like it's no big deal.Well I just hope one of these days Uncle Sam thinks it's no big deal also!! Then his brother called and said their dad's arm where he has a knot was bothering him and maybe we should take him to the doctor and the guy who is painting his house needed some boards for something.Excuse me while I scream!!!! You are also one of the son's,dang it,if you think he needs to go to the doctor,take him.If the guy needs some wood,you get it.Why in the world would you call my hubbie and ask him to do it ?????
Okay this is what this blog is for,I won't say the above to hubbie or anyone else because I have seen these situations tear apart so many families and I love my brother and sister in law and their kids and don't want that to happen.So I can get on here and scream to high heaven and it does me good and does no damage to my family.I asked God to give me the grace and patience to get through this,as it is already a bad situation and I sure don't want to make it worse.And about his arm,maybe I shouldn't think this way,but his home health nurse is in agreement with me,that whatever the knot on his arm is at his age 85 the treatment will be worse than just leaving it alone.Okay enough of the screaming for tonight anyway!
Daughter baked some cupcakes tonight for me to sell at market tomorrow,I'm so glad her and d-in-love are getting interested in the market,because it's like hubbie said about me the other day "the old gray mare,she ain't what she used to be"normally that would hurt my feelings but sometimes you just have to face the truth!!
I started icing my cakes, 12 caramels,3 chocolates,2 coconuts,then wrapped the caramels.My I sat down here at 11:30 it is now 12:20,how time flies when you're having fun,HUH?Tonights wild plant is POKEWEED,most southerners have heard of poke salad or as old timers called it poke salit.My mother used to call it spring tonic because she said" it would clean you out",I only imagined what she meant by that and it was enough to keep me far from the poke salit she cooked up every spring.Pokeweed contains toxins that are poisonous to mammals but not birds.The only time people can eat it is when the leaves are very young and tender in the early spring and them you have to boil it at least 3 times in clean water each time to get the toxins out.Many authorities believe that some toxins still remain and maybe that's why "it would clean you out"? The berries of the pokeweed make a red ink or dye and during the Civil War many letters home were written with poke berry ink.I think I can live the rest of my life just wondering what poke salad taste like!
I have remembered and learned alot about our wild plants while doing these little stories,I hope it has been as enjoyable to you,I'm also going to do some nuts and other edible berries and plants as they come in season so stay tuned!!
God give me understanding and tolerance in the coming days,and help me remember it's all in Your plan. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

Oh the family situations, we all have them, don't we? I understand the feeling =)

Isn't nice to have your own place (blog) to tell the world "I've had it" and then you take a deep breath and then it's all better! I love it.