Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Got up early this morning to be ready for the plumbers,they were late so after breakfast I started a load of laundry.They came at 9:15 and started working on the wiring so I did another load of laundry and cleaned the bathrooms.Thank goodness a lady called with an Avon order,I had completely forgotten that I had to send it off this morning,there's that angel on my shoulder again.I changed bed sheets and furniture covers and did some vacuuming, no use cleaning floors as they are tracking red mud everywhere.They have the wrong pressure tank and have to get another one so I did another load of laundry.It doesn't look like rain today so I hung towels out to dry.I actually got all my August paperwork done this morning,my yearly average keeps going down,$800 in just the month of August,but thank you Lord for what I am making.I got an order this morning for a wedding rehearsal dinner in 2 weeks so that will help the month of September.All the kids have picked up other odd jobs to try to make ends meet,I keep thinking of what I read in my Bible,"if you are stranded in the middle of a large lake, prayers are good but it is also wise to start paddling toward shore",God is not going to let you sink if you are trusting in Him and trying your best.
After lunch I heard all kinds of sirens going down the road and later found out from hubbie that out at the school,we only live about a mile from a middle and a high school,a young man had driven his car into the large rock sign at the middle school trying to kill himself.Hubbie was working there and was the first to get to him as he staggered out of his car holding a bunch of red roses,crying, and started toward the high school door, a deputy came and stopped him and he found out he did all this because his girlfriend broke up with him.Luckily God has a plan for this young man and he only had a broken foot,which according to hubbie was a miracle from looking at his car.How sad it is to think that someone could feel so helpless and alone enough to want to take their life over the break-up with a girl friend.I hope he realizes that God brought him through this accident to be with him so he doesn't ever have to feel alone again.
HURRAY!! HURRAY!!!!!!! Wiring is done,new well water is on,but it has a high concentration of chlorine in it so we can't use it to drink yet.Plumbers left about 4:00 ,they will have to come back and put my new shower and bathtub works in,but that can wait.Hubbie came home and we covered everything back up with tarp because it started raining again,I have a big white monster in my yard......At least this way there won't be a muddy mess when #1 son comes to fill in the ditch and fix the yard hopefully tomorrow evening. Then we have to build a pump house and a fence. I had to get my towels in and put them in the dryer to finish drying.
Hubbie and I had leftovers for supper and he went out to feed,it is still raining a little so no walking for me today.We watched the news and another gardening show on TV. It is getting dark outside noticeably sooner so I will have to start my walks earlier and that gives me an early start to my baking.Tonight I had my first run of cakes in the ovens before 9:00,I made 36 layers tonight.Daughter came in from coaching her volleyball games,they lost after playing the maximum number of sets in each game,she has another game tomorrow.
Today's plant is another one of those that we call noxious weeds,but in other parts of the world it is food and medicine.It is called SPINY AMARANTH or SPINY PIGWEED. In Africa and parts of central Asia it is used as a medicine to treat everything from stomach ache, skin disorders,colic to snake bites. And the leaves and stems (with the spines removed) are eaten as a salad green that is very high in vitamins and minerals.Red dye is made from the stems and roots.Species of this plant grow abundantly all over the world.I know I hate to have to pull it as those spines are long and they really hurt.
It is midnight,I'm off to bath and bed. Lord please watch over me and bless my friends and family with your gracious presence. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

This is so funny that you mention about weeds, the other day my mom told me I have a weed in my yard (everywhere) that people use it in Chile to cure ulcers ... I had no idea!! She said one of her friends used to chew that weed and according to him he's cure b.c of it. Amazing how God makes everything useful for us.

So sad about that young student, it makes me wonder what hardships my Nicolas would have to go through when he's that age, hopefully we would have laid a good foundation for him to know he can always count on us and most importantly his Heavenly Father. Teen years are so hard ...