Monday, September 7, 2009


G-son arrived at 7:30 this morning in his pj's, but would not go back to sleep.He had some of his mom's left over apple cake and milk for breakfast.Daughter called and wanted us to meet her at the Apple Festival at 9:00.It was so nice but she had to leave before some of the vendors opened,we enjoyed the non-crowded streets and talked and caught up with neighbors and friends who are selling at the festival and had time to chat this morning.We left about 10:30 and headed for Sam's club to pick up a few things.G-son has been like a little angel all morning, so he got pizza for lunch,when the lady behind the counter ask him what kind of pizza he wanted,he said "triangle pizza",we all had a great laugh over that.When we got home we ate lunch and then I went out and picked pears to make pear honey,yum yum....In about 2 hours I turned this basket of pears into 16 jars of pear honey and it is really delicious.
While I was in the kitchen it started to storm,hubbie,daughter and I had to get a tarp and cover the ditch in the front yard to keep water out of it so it wouldn't run into our basement.We got it covered while lightening flashed all around us,Sadie was scared and kept falling in the ditch trying to get under the tarp,we all got soaked.
It rained almost an inch and when it stopped,hubbie had to pump water off the tarp that sunk into the ditch.G-son slept through all the excitement and thunder.Daughter got him up after the storm and played with him while d-in-love went to get them some supper.
Hubbie went to check the waterhole and I walked down to see how he was doing and almost tripped over this huge bull frog,he was about 6" long......and he didn't seem to mind having his picture taken at all.This is one of those times when I just stand in awe of our Creator,when you get to look closely at the intricate designs on His creations and marvel at the beauty of nature.Tonight when I lay in bed listening to the frogs I'll wonder which of those sweet voices this guy is. The creek is up a little and hubbie took advantage of the swifter water to work on the waterhole to make it deeper.I walked a shorter walk tonight as I have a lot to do when I get in.
After I got my wet socks and shoes off I posted my Avon order online and started baking cakes,I baked 1 granny pound, 1 7-up pound, 2 blackberry wine,and 1 chocolate pound.This week will be slow if it is like they normally are after a holiday so I'll get a breather.
I love the clear sky after a rain and today was no exception,I just had to take some pictures...
Everyone is in bed but me and I love the quite solitude of the late nights.I am enjoying life to the fullest right now.I thought today, looking in on a sleeping g-son,at how my life is so perfect with my grown children still in the vicinity and getting to see g-son almost everyday and enjoy watching him grow up.I wouldn't trade places with any one else on earth right now and I never forget to thank God everyday for making all this possible.This world is such a beautiful place if you will just take time to look around and "smell the flowers" as the old saying goes.Speaking of flowers, today's wildflower known as LADYSTHUMB has an interesting story...On the green leaves there is a dark purple heart shape,
said to have been put there when the Virgin Mary pinched the leaves,it is also called Virginsthumb in some parts of the world.In Europe it is sometimes called HEARTHEAL,
the Europeans believe the heart shape means it is good for your heart and is used as medicine for heart problems
there.To us here it is just an invasive weed,but I'll never look at it the same way again after reading about it,and will always wonder,just how did that heart get on the leaves??????????
It is 11:30 I just took the last cakes out of the ovens and put the glaze on the wine cakes,finished for the day I am forever grateful for everyday I can live and worship the MAKER of all and do my best to glorify HIS name in all I do. Good Night.

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