Tuesday, September 1, 2009


1st day of September, a beautiful sunny,cool,fall like day.Well drillers came about 9:15,I left to collect Avon money but that business was closed,grrrrrrrr,not a good start for the day.When I got back home the inspector was leaving and the drillers said everything was done.I called the plumber and he said they would be by later today to make a parts list. I did a load of towels and hung them out in the sunny,breezy weather. Cleaned house all morning and changed the water in my aquariums while I am still on the old well,this will give me time to have the new water tested before I put it on my fish.I have 4 fish....Goldie the gold fish,
Lucky the black molly,Tri-pod the blue beta and Chovie the red beta.D-in-love gave me Goldie,Lucky and Tri-pod and actually Chovie belongs to daughter, but I got tired of walking downstairs to feed it when she wasn't here so I just brought him up and sat him beside Tri-pod,they enjoy staring at each other.I enjoy watching them,it is very relaxing to me.I keep bamboo growing in the tanks to help keep the water clear and they enjoy swimming around it and through it.
#1 son called to see if g-son could stay here today as other g-ma has no water at her house.We had lunch and then he helped me dust,haha,the light touch of dusting escaped him and after picking up 3 things he knocked off I put away the dusters.
Plumbers came and measured for waterline and electric line,said they'd be back in the morning to put the pump in.G-son loves playing in the sand that came out of the well.It's more fun to slide on a sandy slide too.He carefully carried handfuls of sand and poured it on that slide for 20 minutes.He loves the outside and makes his own fun even listening to his echo inside a bucket over his head......Hubbie came home and we came inside and I took 2 Avon orders while he fixed supper.D-in-love came after g-son and I went on a long walk again tonight while hubbie fed animals.I came back in and started my cake layers,I baked 76 layers tonight,holiday weekends are really busy for me.
Today's plant is another poisonous one this is HORSE NETTLE it contains solanine a violently toxic chemical.The berries contain less of this chemical and herb doctors use the fried ripe yellow or orange berries as sedatives and anti-spasmodics. This plant is a member of the nightshade family which includes tomatoes and potatoes and while reading about this poison I discovered that sun greened potatoes have solanine in them and it will not cook out of them so never eat green potatoes!! This is a very sticky plant and the spines leave a stinging pain in everything they touch.
Okay that's about it for tonight,it is after 1 am,all my cakes are out of the ovens and I am headed for a short nights sleep.Thank you Lord for your blessings today and please forgive my shortcomings.Good Night.

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