Thursday, September 17, 2009


Up and about early this morning on the way to market in the rain.Wow I just feel soggy!
Market was slow today,I crochet tops on 5 towels between customers,their wasn't even many sellers that braved the soggy conditions today.Got a visit from d-in-love and g-son,but all he wanted to do was run around so they left.
After market I had a bunch of errands to do,banks,P.O.,Aldi,Walmart,6 Avon deliveries,but missed my last one because she left work at 5:00,I'll have to go back tomorrow,and I discovered when I got home I forgot the icing supplies for a german chocolate cake I have on order for Saturday.I didn't get home until 5:30 today,loooooooong day!! While hubbie and I were unloading my van my cousin came to visit again,I know he is lonely but Thursday is one of our busiest days ,so he just had to follow us around to talk,he didn't seem to mind.We ate supper of chicken,fried squash,lima beans and tomatoes.After we ate I took my dogs out for a short walk,it is still misting rain but they have been inside all day.Cousin Mike left when I got back in the house and hubbie and I took off to clean the church.I vacuumed the pews and all the corners we don't usually get into tonight and that always gets my back,I do it with a small vac,I carry on my shoulder and there is a lot of bending and stooping.
Tonight's wild flower is the very invasive JAPANESE HONEYSUCKLE VINE.This vine is capable of suffocating any plant it can climb,by thickly entwining it's leaves.It has very fragrant flowers that are used in many aroma related products and the flowers are antibacterial and antiviral so they can be used externally or internally for many medicinal purposes.Studies in China have shown it to cure some different cancers including breast cancer (wouldn't that be wonderful). I used to pull these flowers off as a child and suck the sweet tasting nectar out.
This is a grass called FOXTAIL that grows wild around our place and the only reason I'm putting this in here is because in looking up something else I discovered some disturbing info on this grass.
The tiny seeds in these tails will stick to a dog's hair and they tend to burrow into their skin and then continue into organs to cause serious illness.They can also invade eyes,nose and ears on animals and require professional removal.In some places these seeds are considered parasites because of their burrowing nature.This scares me as I had never heard of any thing like this before,I need to be careful and try to keep my dogs away from this grass.
It is 11:30 ,I forgot to turn the TV on to watch the news ,and my back says it is time to lay down.Thank you Lord for your blessings today and forgive me my shortcomings. Good Night.

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