Saturday, September 26, 2009


There were 3 people helping get ready for market this morning so it went really quick which was good so we can get there early and get a parking place.It is raining pretty hard and has been off and on all night, but no flooding yet.When we got to market we still had to wait for a parking place,daughter drove her car too, so we had 3 vehicles.We finally got parked not to far away to carry all our things through the rain and got set up.There were a lot of people there,but a lot of just lookers.Hubbie went outside to help cook ham on the old wood stoves...
The rain really held the crowds down,usually there is a long line waiting for biscuits,but not today,it's a good thing they have all these tents,even the musicians looked pretty miserable under their tent.....I think these guy's are wondering when the water is gonna come through their tent! Inside the crowd was pretty good some people just wanted to get out and do something as this is the 2nd rainy Saturday in a row.It was cool and I was glad since my old timey outfit was rather warm.We took turns manning our booth and sometimes when customer spirts came it was really nice to have some help.Daughter now has a job she was meant for as young kids seemed to be attracted to her like magnets,this is one of the neighbors great granddaughters,she goes to school where daughter works.It is nice to have someone to help me as there are days when it gets so busy I can't even leave the stand long enough for a bathroom break.Unfortunately today wasn't one of those days!
Daughter is really getting creative with her cupcake business,everyone thought the ones with the spiderweb design were the best.It started raining very hard about 1:00 but thankfully slacked off by the time we had to load our vehicles.D-in-love came to meet us and we walked up the street to a resale shop,daughter found several things,I found a black top I needed,(err wanted),d-in-love didn't find anything so she and daughter went to another shop,I had an Avon order to deliver and then discovered another thrift shop on the same road as my delivery and found several more things I (needed) in there.I went to Aldi and Walmart to get a few baking supplies and I just remembered 1 thing I forgot to look for (oh well) means another trip to my unfavorite store! I was hungry so I brought home some BBQ chicken,potato salad and fried okra for supper.Made it home late after 5:00,hubbie and I unloaded,put things away and ate an early supper.It is still raining,hubbie did the feeding chores,made sure our cattle were still on the hill and watched a race on TV.I watched TV for a while until I got warmed up under a big blanket with both my little 4-legged kids,then we all dozed off,not good for me cause I'll be staring at the ceiling in the wee hours probably.I put my dogs up when I got up,daughter came in with a new hairdo,we helped her unload her stuff and put it away,then she ate what we had leftover. I looked up a recipe for an apple dessert for tomorrow and we decided we will have spaghetti and salad.It is 11:00 the rain has stopped and has moved east of us,that's a blessing for us,no flooding!I am listening to the news and I hear my bubble bath calling me.Looking forward to getting back in church tomorrow.Thank you Lord for all your blessings today and everyday and for the peace you have given me tonight.Good Night.

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