Monday, September 28, 2009


G-son arrived at 7 this morning,we tried putting him in bed with us in hopes he would go back to sleep but no such luck. He said he was hungry and he did eat 1/2 a waffle for breakfast.I left on my Avon route and only 1 customer wasn't home,I stopped by a new thrift store a friend told me about last week and found a perfect little marble topped table for my bathroom and 2 Thomas the Train dvds for g-son,they are a new store and didn't have to much but their prices were great.I'll be checking them out regularly as they are on my route.My last stop was at a friend's apple shed where I had asked him to get a price on a hand looped rug for my living room,I thought the price was way high and it still wasn't as big as I really need,so I'll keep looking,thanks anyway! There was quite a few customers there buying apples,they really have a nice place.I got home about 1:00 and hubbie had made g-son a sliding place out of the back of his truck.I ate a light lunch,I've decided I'm determined to loose some weight as my insurance is offering discounts for having a good BMI and rates are going up for people with a BMI of 40 or more,mine is not close to 40 but it's not where it should be.I need to get back to walking everyday and doing some exercise during the day.G-son likes for me to do that as he gets down in the floor with me and does them too.G-son is taking a much needed nap right now and while he sleeps I've got my daily dose of vitamin D and am now working on paperwork,I always hate to see the months end (in more ways than 1). When g-son woke up from his nap hubbie was just finishing his outside work so they watched TV while I took a long walk,thankfully the bottom pasture is finally dry enough to walk in without boots.Our waterhole or what used to be our waterhole is completely filled with sand.We are just hoping our farm pond holds up,it has more water in it than it has in along time. It sure looks different now than it did

earlier this summer.As I walked today the chill in the air is causing goose bumps but it sure feels good.It is a great time of year and the air just feels cleaner to me,the sky is a darker clearer blue,I just love fall.
When I got back to the house daughter and d-in-love were here,they were playing on her new net book.I had soup and salad for supper and then hubbie and I went to Walmart.
Talked to the roofer when I got home and he said it is going to be about 2 more weeks until we get our new roof,depending on rain.We will have to nail the tarp down if the wind keeps blowing any harder than it is tonight.It has been a nice sunny day and tonight is suppose to get downright cold,upper 40's with wind feeling like 30's by morning,don't know if I'm ready for that yet!!! Get out the long pants!!! As I walked today I was amazed at these flowers as they were blooming all along the creek bank and I know they had to have been under a couple feet of water just over a week ago but they showed no signs of that day,nature never ceases to amaze me everyday with something.These little purple flowers are BLUE WOOD ASTERS they like growing in the shade on stream banks.The leaves can be cooked and eaten like greens.An infusion can be made from the entire plant and used as an aromatic nervine,also can be used to treat rheumatism.I just think it is wonderful that a little more than a week after that big flood that these beauties are perfect examples of how quickly bad things are forgotten.It is all just part of God's plan!!
By the way the camera info worked but the wind was blowing and I couldn't get a picture without these guys moving,that's why a little blurry! It was still a lot better than before.
I relaxed and watched the weather channel for a while,now I'm listening to the news while blogging.At 11:30 I'm headed to get ready for bed,g-son coming early tomorrow.
It has been a blessed day,thank you Lord.Good Night.

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