Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Up early this morning on the first day of fall ,oh yeah,no rain,no sunshine either,but maybe later.Finished cereal and tea before well inspector came after her water sample,said she would mail me the results. Started laundry and housework after she left.Right before lunch the roofer came to measure our roof ,he said he would call later with the estimate,he needed to check the price of the metal I choose and compare it to shingles.I took the big rug out of the living room floor,not sure what is going back there yet,but tired of that rug! Keep looking around the living room trying to decide how I might move the furniture around,I used to move things around every year or so but haven't in a while,hmmm,lets see! Finished 4 loads of laundry while I cleaned house.Hung towels out in the sunshine,this may be the first time in about a month that they dry completely on the line.Went out and opened the gate to let the cattle go down to the bottom pasture,than walked down to see if our gates are still up at the waterhole.They are up but there is no waterhole,it is filled with about 4 feet of sand,no chance of hand digging anymore.We will have to come up with another watering option if it quits raining and our pond starts drying up again,right now there is water everywhere and our pond is full.When hubbie came in from work he took some of the fence around it down. I ran to Ingles for some milk and a few other things while he tightened the wires on the road fence where the tree was against it.We had hot dogs for supper when I got back,then did evening chores and I gathered my dry towels in.I went to the garden and found bell peppers and cucumbers for a salad for lunch tomorrow.It sure is getting dark earlier,you can tell it is fall now.Hasn't been much going on today,I need days like this every once in a while to just relax and unwind.Even the phone has only rung twice today,a cake order and the roofer with his estimate.We put mulch in the dogs lot and new cedar shavings in their houses,they should be more comfortable tonight.I had to get up at 2 am and put them up this morning to stop them from barking.They are always put up at night and I guess they didn't know how to act running loose in the dark.
I picked up these PERSIMMONS and layed them on this fence post to photograph and to see how long it would be before something ate them,I didn't have to wait long,when I came back an hour later they were gone.In ancient Greece these were known as the fruit of the Gods.I do not understand why and you wouldn't either if you ever tasted these fruits.Because of a very high tannin content they are very bitter and will pucker you mouth.The tannin levels reduce as the fruit ripens and it gets better after a cold frost.Several years ,actually a lot of years ago a neighbor gave me 2 little trees in small pots,I planted them never really expecting them to do much,however 1 of them is huge and produces all the fruit,the other is shaded by the first and is a smaller tree and doesn't produce any fruit.Folklore says that winter weather can be determined by the shape that shows in the seeds when they are sliced: a knife shape means an icy cold windy winter (cold wind slices through you like a knife), a spoon shape means lots of snow to shovel, and a fork shape means a mild winter.Honestly I have never looked in the seeds but now I'm curious and will let you know what they predict.
I am waiting for my last cakes to get done,I made 36 layers,1 granny pound,2 blackberry wine cakes tonight.It is 11:45 and I just glazed the wine cakes and turned everything off.I was listening to some hymns while I cleaned today and just thought how wonderful it is to worship such a just,wonderful Savior,praising his name "all the day long". Good Night.

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Claudia said...

I had to look on my translator to see what persimmons were but believe it or not we eat those in Chile, they are delicious inside, but you are right the skin taste horrible!!!!!! Never eat the skin, just open them and eat the inside, when they are bright red (if it is the same fruit). I have the best memories of late summer and fall eating those, it was a yummy treat at my house!