Sunday, September 13, 2009


Woke up extra early this morning,I guess because I went to bed extra early last night,but instead of getting up I just stayed in bed and dozed.Hubbie always gets up early even when he doesn't need to,he says his back starts hurting and he has to get up to make it quit.I finally rolled out and ate cereal for breakfast and got ready for church.It is another beautiful day,bright sunshine and moderate temps.At church hubbie had to help an elderly gentleman who fell off the steps,but our wonderful loving Heavenly Father kept him from getting really hurt,as he fell from about 3 steps up onto the concrete face first,God put his Bible between his face and the concrete and he only skinned his knuckles and forearm,tell me that isn't amazing love!!! We have a lady who is a nurse and she cleaned and bandaged his wounds.I asked his son after the service how he was and he said he was just fine.
Our Sunday lunch bunch was #1 son,d-in-love,g-son,daughter,father-in-law, hubbie and I,we had roast,green beans,corn on cob,pasta salad,mashed potatoes,a vegetable and dip tray,sweet tea with strawberry shortcake for dessert.We are trying to make the best of our garden fresh produce,knowing the season is quickly coming to an end. After lunch we sat outside while #1 son and hubbie landscaped the front yard where we dug the waterline.Daughter's b-friend came in from his weekend camping trip at a music festival.
Hubbie went to take his dad home,daughter and b-friend left going to Staples for some things she needed,so I decided to blog some now while I'm alone.
When hubbie got back I took some things over to d-in-love's house and looked at how big her hens have gotten,they will soon be laying eggs.
Daughter came back from Staples,b-friend went home to re-coup from his weekend and hubbie and daughter took off to Lowes to look for her some live plants for her office at work.
I took a long walk while hubbie sowed the freshly raked yard with grass seed.The waterhole in the creek was completely filled in so it took both of us shoveling and raking to get fresh water running through it again.All the heifers came for a drink as soon as we started,funny how they knew we were getting them some fresh water.We are trying to come up with another watering option but we're going to have to wait until this winter and maybe try to clean out our pasture pond and get some water in it some how,right now we have it fenced off because no fresh water is coming in it,not enough anyway and we don't want the cattle drinking stagnant water.
We will need to replenish our maintenance funds before we do anything else now after this well and plumbing adventure.I'm hoping for good business through the fall as I never make much after the Holidays.
We came back up to the house and had a snack for supper, I went to organize my Avon stops for tomorrow.Then I gave one of my first cousins in Michigan a call to tell her I was sorry about the passing of her father,she had sent me a copy of the obit and her card with her numbers on it if I wanted to call her.We talked about 30 minutes catching up on each others family news,we should talk more often,she is my mother's sister's daughter.That sister always lived in Michigan,but visited often when we were growing up and hubbie and I made a trip up to visit them when our kids were small.It was kind of a funny thing after my mom's sister died and my mom died,my uncle started coming to visit almost every year.We actually had more to do with him than we ever did my aunt.He went to Florida every winter and always stopped by in the spring on his way back to Michigan.My cousin said the way he died was a blessing, he was 88,just had been diagnosed with colon cancer,but died of conjestive heart failure,he never had to suffer with the cancer,Thank You Lord.
This has been a very nice Sunday,very restful,full of family love and God's grace,a good rejuvenating day to get ready for the coming week. It is 10:00,time for doggy bath time and then early bedtime.Striving to walk the Christian walk to glorify Him.Good Night.

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