Saturday, September 5, 2009


Well it is finally here the most dreaded Saturday of the year.We got up an hour earlier and finished loading.There was already a crowd there but there was ample parking and set-up went smoothly.As long as I get set up and am in my spot behind my table it's all good.Today was fairly busy but not what you would expect for as many people as passed through but that is just what a lot of the crowd did,they found free parking in our lot and just walked through and went on up to main street.The 4-H was setting up to collect money for parking when we closed,some people will get a surprise when they come back to their cars as they will have to pay for parking,there were signs all over stating this message.Everyone that was coming back from up on main street was talking about how hot and crowded it was up there,I'm glad I went last night.All the apple grower neighbors I talked to said they were doing a good business, so good for them.
I went to Aldi and Walmart on the way home to pick up supplies and I decided to make a 7-layer salad for lunch tomorrow so I got the ingredients for that.With all the traffic I still didn't get home until almost 4:00,hubbie and I unloaded and put things away.We decided to go on up and clean church early,I almost got into a large bee's nest,I was sweeping spider webs off the front porch of the sanctuary and found a huge yellow hornets nest that I was about to sweep over,thank you Lord,I saw it and was able to stop the broom in mid-air,whew!! Hubbie got the bee spray and eradicated them on the spot.I saw the Bible School director and told her about it and we know it had to have been there during Bible School,but God was protecting all those kids.
We came home and watched the news and ate smoked trout raviolis for supper with squash and corn. After supper I walked and hubbie dug potatoes for tomorrow and we both fed the animals before coming in for the evening.I am drained from the hectic rush of the last 3 days and am looking forward to early bedtime tonight.The wildflower tonight is a common one BLACK-EYED SUSAN it is recognizable by its bright yellow bracs and dome shaped brownish black center.It is the state flower of Maryland.Modern use is limited to making a warm infusion with the roots for use as a wash for sores and swellings.Ojibwa indians used it as a poultice for snake bites and to treat colds and worms in chrildren.Other indian tribes used juice from its roots as earache drops.These flowers are so bright and cheerful they just make you smile.
I finally remembered to order cake boxes,I have been out for a week,I hope it doesn't take as long to get them as it did last time.Hubbie is watching a race on TV,it is just 9:30 but I think I here my bubble bath calling me then maybe I'll catch up on some magazine reading propped up in bed.See you in church tomorrow as we worship and praise God for all his blessings.GOOD NIGHT.

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