Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Woke to a cloudy,dreary day,did a load of laundry and hung it out in hopes this would make the sun shine.G-son arrived and after he ate his elephant shaped waffle we played in his playroom.
After lunch he wanted to watch Scooby on TV and,alas the hung out laundry produced rain instead of sunshine,so I went running to gather it and put it in the dryer,thankfully it was almost dry and only got sprinkled on.
I sat with g-son to watch his show and soon a massive storm hit us with rain,hail,wind,thunder and lightening,it got dark as night and the temperature dropped 30 degrees,it was cold.I knew in my heart that our friends apple crops were getting beat to death,this happened last year only 3 weeks later,so this is going to be devastating to many of them.Thank you Lord that we here were only on the edge and got some dime size hail mixed with the rain.Our tarp slid in the open ditch and hubbie came home and got it out so it wouldn't fill the ditch up with water.It did fill it but on top of the tarp so we can pump it out.#1 son hopefully will get here tonight to fill it in.
This storm all happened between 2 and 3 o-clock,it is 4:30 now and it is still 60 degrees and sprinkling rain,gonna need a jacket tonight,Brrrrrr!! #1 son called from work and said reports were already coming in on damaged apples,God bless those farmers,apple farming is the largest agriculture business left in our county and I sure would hate to see it go.But I know those people have got to be scratching their heads about now.
Hubbbie and #1 son came in about the same time,we still have some leftovers and made a couple extra dishes ,called #2 son and we all ate supper ,d-in-love came late and ate.
#1 son brought his trackhoe down and covered our muddy ditch now we just have mud!!!!!!!!And muddy dogs ,at least the driveway is complete and open again .We will have to let it dry up before we can do some landscaping.Sadie and Annie aren't fighting,they are just doing their normal wrestling routine.
I went up to the garden to cut some oregano and basil for market tomorrow and survey the hail damage,this is a cotton wood tree looking up through the leaves and yes that's holes in them.Our late vegetables also took a beating,can't tell yet how much will come back or how much is gone,picked some tomatoes and they don't look to bad,just a couple broke open,which we promptly ate,sure didn't hurt the taste.The basil leaves have a few holes in them but the oregano happen to be close to the cottonwood tree and one of the big leaves land on it and protected it,how about that.Walked a short walk with the dogs to make sure they stay in the back yard,white dogs and red mud,not a good match!!! Put outside dogs up and came in to clean kitchen and get ready to ice cakes.Oops I forgot to pay bills today so I will have to do that after icing cakes,I iced 12 caramels,4 chocolates,I forgot to buy coconut so I won't have any tomorrow.
I wrapped the caramels and listened to the news while I worked,they talked about the hail damage. Hopefully tomorrow will be a brighter day but we always have to remember that this is part of God's plan and accept it and move on.
Today's wildflower is called FALSE DANDELION or CAT'S EAR,
this is one you need to remember if you're ever in the wild and get hungry.All parts are edible.the leaves make a great addition to salad or can be added to stir fry,roots can be ground for a caffeine free coffee substitute,flowers can be fermented to make wine.Wow God puts necessary things at our fingertips all the time,we just have to discover them.
This is one night,I am very glad I wrote this as the day progressed so I don't have it all to write now or it would be very short.It is almost midnight and I need to pay my bills so I can mail them tomorrow,maybe I don't have many!!!!
God is in control and when he shuts a door He always opens a window, we must trust HIM!!!!!!!
Good Night.

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Claudia said...

seems to me like you need some sod on that mud =) You know where to come, right?

I thought about farmers too yesterday when the storm was passing by, I know there's lot of tradition into apple farming but anymore it seems like is not a successful business like it once was. That has to be hard.