Sunday, September 27, 2009


Church was wonderful this morning,we had a guest speaker,a 74 year old retired pastor who was so full of life and energetic love for the Lord everyone enjoyed the service and hated to see it end.His message struck home,he was talking about how to be a good Christian,can people see that you love God and are a Christian or do you have to tell them you are?One thing he said that hit home with a lot of people was when you open your mouth to say something you need to ask yourself 3 questions,(1) Is it necessary that they know this? (2) Is it the truth? (3) Is it kind? If we all did this there would be a lot less talking and a lot more listening.Funny thing even before today I had already decided I talk to much (most of it unnecessary) so I am making a gallant effort to stop and really think before I say anything,wish me luck!!!!We caught up with some friends and came home to our lunch with #1 son,d-in-love,g-son,daughter and father-in-law.We had spaghetti,salad and garlic toast,mmmm,I don't usually like spaghetti but had a small amount and some salad.After lunch everyone just enjoyed this beautiful sunny,warm day,g-son played outside and was stuck to daughter today.I emptied 1 1/2" rain out of the gauge today,so glad we only got that much and now it is suppose to be sunny and cool for a few days.
G-son is starting to get the hang of potty training and didn't dirty his diaper all day.We all are really bragging on him and you can tell he gets really proud of himself.
After everyone left daughter and I went shopping for me a laptop computer,at the first stop we found out we were not going to be able to do what we wanted,as a program that we had to have in it for her to work on wasn't compatable with windows vista and every laptop for sale now is loaded with vista.In about 3 weeks windows 7 is coming out and all these will be obsolete and some of the places we checked today said they would be put on sale in the next week or so a lot cheaper and would have the free upgrade to windows 7 with them.What to do? What to do? At our last stop we met a computer tech that works in the same program daughter does and he told her it would work on a notebook computer and they were loaded with windows XP. I didn't want a notebook because they are limited in what you can do on them, a laptop has all the options of a desktop.After lengthy conversation between daughter and this tech she bought a notebook,if it doesn't do all she wants she has 14 days to return it with just a 15% re-stocking fee.While they were conversing I headed for the camera dept and got some really good info from a girl in that dept,I was looking at a $250 camera but after talking with her I realized my camera at home had that feature and I just never knew what it was.We went to Target to get g-son some markers and chalk for a new easel his mom bought for him and I treated daughter to a Starbucks smoothie,since I came expecting to spend quite a bit of money and wound up spending none.
I took the dogs an a short walk when we got home as it was almost dark,put the outside dogs up and helped hubbie put the cover back on the unfinished well house.Daughter finally got her program set up on her new computer,she was so glad,it took her a while to figure it out but it works.I can't wait till tomorrow to try out my new found camera knowledge.
As I went down the drive one day a week or so ago I took this photo of these beautiful yellow berries.I looked up yellow berries and could not find any vine that had just yellow berries.Then last Thursday I stopped to break off a piece and take to market to show it to a lady there that can identify just about any wild plant in this area,but I found I didn't need her help as I looked at it the berries were opening to expose a bright orange berry inside the yellow shell and I knew it was BITTERSWEET a well known ornamental vine in this area and a disputed pest that can choke trees and shrubs to death by completely covering them.But it makes beautiful fall decorations,a lady at market makes it into wreaths and sells them like hotcakes this time of year.I don't care for it because as it sheds its yellow shells it sure makes a mess where ever it hangs,it is also poison to children and dogs.Birds love it and I suppose that is how it got on our property because I had some years ago that a lady gave me to take to a craft show I went to,I even planted some of the seeds that fell off but she had sprayed them with shellac to make them shine and they didn't come up.I was surprised to find this,it is near #2 son's house,maybe someone that visited him had some and threw it out.Anyway it can't do any harm where it is and it sure is pretty.He has been looking for a ground cover maybe God provided him one!! Hopefully tomorrow I can get out and see what new things are blooming or bearing this time of year. I need to go map out my Avon route for tomorrow,get a bath and have an early bedtime tonight for a change.Thank you Lord for the heart felt message this morning,give me the strength to make the changes I need in my life to better honor You. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

I think the sermon yesterday was one of the best we've heard in a while, I'm sure it has to do with the fact he was a guest speaker, you know ... new voice, new pair of eyes ... I don't know it was just wonderful, I keep repeating those 3 steps in my head too.

I don't think that sermon left anyone untouched, know what I mean?