Monday, September 14, 2009


Woke to bad news, a friend has suddenly died,she works at my first Avon stop,so I had to skip that stop this morning.Instead I went to another stop of a good friend of hers to ask what happened.
I was told she had colon cancer and didn't know it until she started hurting really bad last Wednesday and went to the emergency room,they tried to do surgery Thursday,she died Friday.
She was only 51 years old and the picture of health,her and a friend ran 4 miles everyday and she walked on her lunch break.God has a plan for her I know because she was a very devoted Christain lady and had a deep love for our Heavenly Father and it showed in everything she did,
Heaven is a better place with her presence.
I ran all my other stops and finally went over to see the girls that worked with my friend,it was a sad scene,her sweater and all her things were still on her machine and no one could bear to move them,I felt so sad for all of them.
I got home about 1:00 and hubbie and g-son were eating lunch.Hubbie finished and went outside to figure how many blocks to build our pump house.I ate and started getting g-son ready to go to the fair,he is so excited but he is needing a nap so we left a little early so he could get a good nap before the rides open at 4:00.We put him in the stroller when we got there and he slept while we looked at all the exhibits and did some shopping,I'm a sucker for unusual Christmas decorations.
We ran into 2 other sets of grandparents from our church with their grand kids,we got them all together on one ride but couldn't get them all looking one way.......
G-son had a ball it was pay one price ride all day and he was pointing to another ride before he finished the one he was on.Hubbie and I enjoyed the fair to,it brought back memories of when our kids were small and we used to take them,remembering the excitement on their little faces.We spent 4 1/2 hours just enjoying and watching g-son enjoy every aspect of the country fair,the rides.....I think we figured he rode about 25 times,almost 3 times on each ride.Yes he loves rides and wanted to go on the big rides like this one,he kept pointing at it and saying that one next,now to me that just does not look like fun at all!!!!We pretty much did it all from the animals,except I wanted to bring them all home,I actually did want to put a bid on some baby ducks and chicks but hubbie said no,but as soon as we get around to building a fence I am getting some of these goats.And of course we had our share of fair food ,corn dogs, butterfly fries and cotton candy,with real lemonade to drink,good thing it's only once a year,and I'm not going near my scales for a while.It has been a wonderful evening and I know this is a lot of pics but these 2 last ones I've just got to add on here............................................ As fate would have it what goes up must come down and after a precious wonderful afternoon, when I got home my bubble was busted by news of the break-up of daughter and b-friend,don't get me wrong I have no special wish for this certain guy to be around,I just don't like seeing my daughter cry and hurt over any boy.Unfortunately I have seen this coming now for about a month,but it's hard to know what to say in this situation before it actually happens.Lord please give her comfort and strength and the vision to see past this to wait for the one You have chosen for her.It is getting late 12:15 and I am worn out,looking forward to a day of house cleaning tomorrow,on yeaaa!!!!! God be with me and guide me I love you. Good Night.

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Claudia said...

Oh the break ups, I remember it all too well, you can tell they are coming but it still hard. God has a wonderful man waiting for her, we all know that but saying that to her doesn't help her either, things are the way they are and when you've been through it you can always look back and find the reason why God planned that way. She is such a gorgeous girl (inside and out) ... if not ask Nicolas, when he saw her Sunday, he gets all giggly when he sees her, it's cute!

The fair seems like so much fun, I wish my Nico would enjoy the rides but he doesn't, he doesn't like loud things or rides, or people in costumes, I think I was a little timid like that when I was a child too so I guess he will change that has he grows older :) I'm hoping to take my mom to the fair so she can see how fun it is, she likes all that. Hoping for weather to hold up, there was no way i could of made it yesterday, it was one of those achy pregnancy days :(

Pictures are great and I love to see you with Wes, you are such a hands on Grandma! He's going to have great memories with his grandparents.