Tuesday, September 29, 2009


UHHH!! 7:00 is early,but yea g-son went right back to sleep when we put him in my bed,but not me,I was afraid he would role out of our super high bed so I just snuggled down and enjoyed the really cool morning.He woke up at 9:00 and the first thing he said was "where's Bernie"? Bernie appeared from under the covers and then they both went under the covers and had a blast playing together for 30 minutes.We had breakfast and then g-son wrapped in a blanket and watched TV for a while.I made some phone calls to get some more estimates on our roof and maybe a new porch cover on the front of the house.One of the guys I called said he was out in this area and would be here in about 30 minutes to look it over,the other will be here at 5:00 tomorrow.G-son played outside while I talked to the man who came and when he left we were ready to come inside to warm up,it is 45 and the wind is blowing hard.G-son had a pretzel snack and I started carrying laundry downstairs. I did some housework and fixed lunch,I keep putting my jacket on and off even inside the house as it is still pretty cold and I still have my windows open.Scooby Doo came on TV and occupied g-son good enough for me to sneak downstairs and start a load of laundry without him following me down the stairs.Got a call from a friend with 2 more names of roofers and builders that I should call.
His mom came early and picked up g-son,he'll be back in the morning.I did another load of laundry and took a long cool walk ,wow it's hard to believe how cool it has gotten all of a sudden.After my walk hubbie and I rode over to a near by condo complex to buy a bike from a lady who is selling everything and moving.We need to start riding more often,I love riding bikes,but it is hard to find a place around here that's safe.Daughter came home not feeling well and went to bed.I baked 8 layers and 5 other cakes tonight,with this cool weather I have a feeling it will be a slow Thursday at market. I stuck my hand to the element in one of my ovens,I now have 2 practically cooked places on my left hand,I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often.I'm listening to the news,they are talking about another tsunami that hit the American Samoa island in the Pacific ocean,I pray this one was not as bad as the one several years ago.
I have some shrubs in my yard that really stand out this time of year,most plants flowers are the attention getters,but not this one,its the berries!This is a BEAUTYBERRY BUSH ,it has small flowers in summer and then almost overnight it is covered with these gorgeous purple berries.This plant is native to the southeast,but is found elsewhere if it has been transported there.The berries are edible,they are flavorless raw,but can be made into delicious jelly that has a taste of cranberry/plum,they also make a good spicy sweet wine.The leaves of the plant when crushed have a unpleasant odor and make a very good insect repellent for mosquitoes and even ticks.Indians made a tea of the leaves and roots to treat fevers.The berries are so small I think I'll just leave them for the birds,who just love them as they do not fall off the bush and last well into winter.
Speaking of winter a sure sign of colder weather in this picture the head and ears and the feet and tail do not belong to the same dog!! Bernie and Dollie are like best friends most of the time and they both love to cuddle, even with each other.Wow it is going to get colder tonight than it was last night,brrrrr.Makes it harder to crawl out of that good warm bed in the mornings.
But I still love it!! I have this old horse collar hanging on my porch by my front door and change the decorations on it with the seasons.I love fall decorations they just make me smile! HAPPY FALL YA'LL

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Claudia said...

I love fall too, the crisp in the air, the clear sky, everything is so pretty!!!