Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well I woke again today to the sound of rain outside my window,actually pretty hard rain this morning.And yes I know that this post is actually going to be about yesterday because it is now 12:30 am.I forget to thaw my coconut for my icings tonight and had to wait for it to thaw,thawing it in the microwave makes it to juicy and it will not stay on the cakes,(oh the problems we bakers have!!).
Anyway back to how my day went,after my regular morning chores (in the rain) and breakfast I baked 6 caramel, 4 coconut, 4 chocolate,1 german chocolate, 1 red velvet (uh,I hate those),but it was for a wedding rehearsal dinner along with 7 other kinds,then I baked 1 apple butter cake,1 blackberry wine and 2 pear breads.I finished at 1:30 and ate a salad for lunch,then went to deliver the Avon order I missed yesterday and had a nice visit with my friend/customer. I then went to Ingles for the stuff for the coconut/pecan icing for the german chocolate cake.While I was in the store I got the craving for a greek salad,so I bought all the fixin's for that and came home and made myself a large greek salad,mmmmm it hit the spot.
And glory be!! the sun came out so I headed outside,cut some basil and oregano to sell at market tomorrow and just sat down for a few minutes and soaked up the warm sunshine that hasn't been seen since Monday.Hubbie came home and we did chores and I walked a short walk ,because you know what it looks like rain any minute again! We went to church and finished cleaning. #2 son was waiting to get a hair cut when we got back and daughter came in and started her cupcakes.It is so nice to have the hustle and bustle back in the house same as it used to be when the kids are around.I iced my cakes while daughter iced her cupcakes,she made some look like frogs and did some in ice cream cones,they were really cute and tasted so good.When she finished she left to go dog sit for a customer.D-in-love came in with her cakes and cookies,we wrapped and cut them and she went home,I'm still waiting on my coconut to thaw! I went downstairs and got boxes ready for my orders and cut and wrapped them.I'm glad I slept a little late this morning now. That bed is gonna feel good if I ever get there. Counting God's blessings and praying that He will always be at my side.Good Night.

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