Saturday, September 12, 2009


Is it morning already?????? Got ready for market,even cut basil before I left and made it on time.
This was another surprisingly very busy day, no evidence of Apple Festival hangover to be found in today's crowd.The damage the hail storm caused was still on everyone's mind,most agreed that it was the worst they had ever seen.There was good food to be had today,I had a ham biscuit from a neighbor for breakfast and a hot dog from the BBQ folks on the outside for lunch,mmmmm!
When I left I mailed a package at the P.O. ,then stopped at Aldi for some supplies.Walmart stop will have to wait because I am meeting d-in-love at 3:30 to go to the church event.Unloaded and let the dogs out before she got here.G-son feels better and looks like he is ready for the fun...
We arrived in style being shuttled in from the parking lot in "security man" pawpaw's gator.He had been hard at it since 12:00 and most of the parking lots were full.G-son couldn't decide what to do first as mom left to practice her music and g-son grabbed my hand and off we went first to the big slide of course,he couldn't believe he could slide as much as he wanted and didn't waste any time coming up with different sliding positions... He hasn't figured out the meaning of taking turns quite yet but the bigger kids were laughing at his antics so hard they didn't seem to mind him cutting in line,however that will break bad on him when he gets a little older and is not so cute. Then he spotted the pony rides and we were off in that direction,he held on and looked like he had ridden all his life,at one point he pointed down at the pony's head and said "nena, I NEED one of these" ,I said maybe later and that satisfied him. Although he does look like a natural cowboy ready to hit the trail.
There was a big sand mountain in front of the stage and that's where we headed next,he met up with a friend from church and they got enough sand on them to last a long while,but it was all in fun.
Then his mom's group took the stage to play and daughter and her little sister came in ,so we sat down on the ground with our BBQ plates to listen,they sounded wonderful and I guess g-son thought it was a lullaby because he fell fast asleep on his aunt's legs.After a birthday party this morning,no nap and all this excitement he was pooped.
D-in-love can really play that violin and those songs they played were some of my favorites.The food was good and everyone seemed to be having a blast.
G-son woke up after just a short nap and ate some chicken and a roll,then he and his mom had to leave as she had a photo shoot of a bride to be. After another cake walk in which "little sister" won her choice of a cake or a book with a CD,she took the book,her and daughter left.Hubbie and I stayed and helped clean up,there were so many people helping it didn't take long,we walked through the sanctuary and checked for any messes inside and we came home about 8:15.
It's been a long but very rewarding day and I am tired but feel fulfilled and amazed at how our Heavenly Father oversees our attempts at Glorifying His name and as a Jesus lover I could just feel His love and graciousness in the cool,fresh,outside air this evening.Here's hoping and praying that today's events made a difference in just one person's life,to God be the Glory.Good Night.

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