Sunday, September 6, 2009


Almost late for church this morning because I stuck my eye with my mascara wand,ouch that hurt and was messy.Had a nice service, d-in-love played part of 2 songs on her violin and everyone loved it.We had 3 people join our church today,what a blessing,God is always hard at work.
When we got home daughter had already gone after her grandfather and they were waiting on us.Today's lunch bunch was those 2 and d-in-love and g-son as #1 son had to go estimate a job today because he had worked all week and didn't have another chance so he will be late for lunch but I know he will be here as he loves my 7-layer salad.#2 son is playing golf again (he should be really good at that game with all the practice he puts in).After we ate #1 son had to dig our new waterline as he is working all week again.When he brought his machine down here,g-son was outside and he said I have 1 of those and came running inside to get his,it was really cute as he worked digging dirt the whole time his dad did....He's like any other little boy and wants to do what ever his dad does (be careful dad).
We don't like to work on Sunday but it's apple picking season and he works 6 days a week so it was either today or try to do it after dark one night.My dad had an old saying when he had to work on Sunday, if the ox gets in the ditch,even if it is Sunday,you have to get him out. Now I have this ditch in my front yard,hope no ox comes along before the plumbers get here......Daughter took father-in-law home early as he was ready to go,he acted like he didn't feel well today. His home health nurse told me yesterday,he had his pills messed up again,but refused to let her help with it,she sounded pretty upset with him.
Daughter stopped at Sonic on her way back and brought everyone something to drink.We talked for a while then #1 son and family went home.I went out to walk and took a long one,the weather is really nice today,it is warm 82 but cloudy,I tried to take some pictures of our heifers to put on craigslist to sell, now we have to decide on a price for them,it's hard to get them all in 1 picture.I came in the house and ate a bowl of salad for supper with hubbie,then he went to feed and I put my dogs up.I wrote up some Avon orders,the order doesn't go off until Tuesday this time because of Labor day so I'll finish tomorrow.I gave Bernie and Dolly a bath and when I finish this I'm headed for bed it is 12:15, g-son will be here early tomorrow morning.Lord I love you and thank you for all my blessings. Good Night.

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