Friday, September 11, 2009


Well this has been an interesting day to say the least.Started with an unexpected call from the plumbers saying they were coming to put our new faucets in our tub and shower.Now everything I had planned to do this morning requires water,and now I am frantically taking all the towels and stuff out of the towel cabinets again and waiting for the water to be turned off.Plumbers arrived,said this should only take about 2 hours,okay that won't be so bad.I started bagging my Avon order and discovered that the machine that packaged my order must have had a hang-over that day,I say this because every time I call with a complaint about my order,they always say all the packaging is done by machine,soooooo! they need to keep their machines sober or greased or something!!!!
Anyway there were missing items I had been charged for,double items I was charged double for and Items I didn't even order in there,so my 1 hour job turned into a 2 1/2 hour job.In the mean time the 2 hour plumbing job had turned into a 4 hour job,because they said" things weren't done right when the house was built",well all I know is they have lasted 26 years.They had all those plumbing terms,but all I really care about is that when I'm dog tired tonight and get in the tub and turn those silver handles water better come out and fill the tub!!!!!!!!
At least the sun is shining today so when they finally left about 1:00,g-son helped me hang out bedspreads and rugs,(he loves handing me the clothes pins as he gets to pick out which colors we use).#2 son came up to get the lawn mower and g-son wanted to go with him,but not on the mower.We stayed outside about 30 minutes to get our daily dose of vitamin D before we needed to come inside so I could do my mornings baking while g-son helped hand me stuff,some useful,some not so much,but he loves to help.I baked 12 caramel, 2 chocolate,1 chocolate pound cake and 2 pear/pecan breads (with bruised pears that had been changed into 3 different baskets before he found the one he wanted to use).
About 3:30 g-son was feeling tired and a little warm to touch so we sat in the recliner and watched Scooby Doo until hubbie got home and we gave him some tylenol .I bagged some desserts for our church carnival tomorrow,we left and I went by a lady's house to deliver her Avon order as she is leaving Sunday,then went on to take desserts and drinks hubbie bought today by there.G-son was asleep before we went a mile down the road so we checked the church to make sure there was no messes before tomorrow.Hubbie has to work security and is there from 12:00 to 7:00 ,d-in-love is playing her violin ,and is there from4:00 on.My job will be g-son,I just hope he feels better so he can play on the games and rides.
When we got home hubbie carried g-son in and layed him on the couch and let him sleep while we fed,I walked and we both did some gardening while listening to the monitor to make sure he slept.We still have cucumbers,squash,bell peppers and tomatoes.
Daughter brought her "little sister" over for supper and then they went downstairs to work on something together. #1 son came and got g-son ,he woke up really cranky.
Now hubbie and I have the task of putting away everything I had to jerk out of the towel cabinets this morning so the plumbers could get to the water lines,I put it all on our bed so if we are going to sleep there tonight it needs to be put away.Hubbie put the shelves back and I got everything else put back in it's place maybe for a long while now that the plumbing is officially DONE!!!
I iced the 12 caramels,2 chocolate and 2 coconut cakes,wrapped all I could,d-in-love brought her cookies and cakes up here and we got those wrapped,I like her labels. Hubbie has already gone to bed,I watched the news and am getting ready to see if there is water in those new faucets.On days like today it seems more important than ever to have God in my life as I need his guidance and comfort to help me deal with all the bumps and curves in this road of life we're on.Thank you Lord and Good Night.

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