Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well this has been one of THOSE days.
I finished my morning??? errands about 2:30 this afternoon. I should have got the hint how my day was headed when at my first stop,which was to collect an Avon payment,which is always at the front desk in an envelope, wasn't there and the lady had just stepped out for a few minutes. At my second stop which was the lawyers office to give them a check for the estate account,and she said do you have a few minutes ,I'll make out a couple checks for your husband to sign. At my third stop the zipper in my purse broke,so now I couldn't close the darn thing! I'm definitely headed down hill and picking up speed!!!! Finally made it to my last stop which was Wallyworld, now eveerybody knows from their advertisements that they have everything,right? Wrong!! They do not have clear 20 gallon storage containers! So it was back to Lowe's,which I already had been right across the street from earlier. I grabbed some chicken strips at Chick-fi-lay and ate them on the way to Lowes.
Finally at home and unloaded I had a couple uneventful hours of work in my shop.
When hubbie came home we had an appointment to take 2 of our dogs to the vet for their Rabies shots. One of them was Maggie,which is one of hubbies pet beagles,she is a sweetie pie. We loaded her into a carrier in the back of hubbie's truck.
The other dog was my Annie,now as you might know from an earlier post,Annie is a little different than most dogs. If I hadn't gotten here as a four month old puppy, I would say that she had been treated very badly,but being so young I think it's just her strange personality. When I first saw her in the pen with 2 other sisters,she was the stand-offish one and had a look of genuine contempt in her beautiful green eyes. This attracted me to her,as I wanted a watch dog,one who people wouldn't want to get out of the car with her there,not so sure I can trust her type. Well I sure got what I wanted and for a while after I brought her home I began to wonder if she would ever trust me and at times even let me put my hands on her. But after many hours of just being with her she finally came around to me and recently is happy to have all the family pet and play with her,funny thing though,she has always had a heart for g-son and has never shyed away from him. She is not the typical love to ride Australian Shepherd,in fact she hates riding with a passion. So today I put her leash on and decided she would ride in the cab of the truck in my lap,well partially in my lap as much as a 60 could. We made our way to the vet's office without incident,no barf,no poop,not even excessive salivating,again I should have known! Even hubbie said so far,so good!
I was leading her up to the door of the office when all at once the lease went limp and I moaned,oh no! And there went Annie across the parking lot. Thankfully we have a country vet,but there was a fairly busy road that runs by it. Hubbie hurriedly put Maggie back in her carrier and called to Annie heading her off so she wouldn't run into the road.
She wasn't having anything to do with him or me after that nerve racking ride she just had. I think it's strange everytime I have ever taken a dog to the vet they seem to sense something not so good is going to go on here. With the help of 4 people and another dog from the vet's office,after 30 minutes hubbie finally grabbed her . We put her back in the truck and the vet came out and gave her the shot there. All of us were exhausted on the ride home,she didn't move a muscle and as soon as she got home she was the same ole friendly Annie,jumping all over me, grrrrr!!!
After chores we went to work at church,we're home now and I know there is not one single spot on my whole body tonight that doesn't hurt.
God did grant me a beautiful warm,sunny day today and for that I am thankful,and I'm sure thankful for the blessings along the way.
Good Night and God Bless.


Far Side of Fifty said...

What a stinker she was! I am glad it all ended well:)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love your header, Marilyn.. Do you call them Daffodils or Jonquils????? I always called them Jonquils growing up---but call them Daff's now...

Our Walmart here is a 'smaller' one---and definitely does not have as much as MOST Walmarts. When we go to Hendersonville (TN) to check on G's parents, sometimes we go to their Walmart. It's MUCH larger and has so much more ---and things are CHEAPER.

I'm sure that Annie getting away really scared you. My dog (Duchess) once got off of the least--and I truly thought we had lost her. That was so SCARY.

Glad it all worked out... We have sunshine today. Yeah!!!!! BUT-it's going to get cold again on Sunday/Monday... Darn!!!!

Have a great Friday.

Nezzy said...

Mama said there'd be days like this. Girl, when it rains it pours, I so glad it all turned out OK. That little stinker!

God bless and have a fabulous Friday!!!