Sunday, March 14, 2010


Church was nice today,I like when the pastor takes a book af the Bible and teaches through it. Our minister was a teacher at the local Bible College,so he does more teaching than preaching,I like that.
After our family lunch of roast beef,mashed potatoes,green beans,corn and rolls with sweet tea to drink everyone scattered. With the weather still damp and drizzly it was a good day for me to stay inside. G-son kept me company as d-in-love went to a friends baby shower,#1 son had to replace a fan belt on his dump truck, daughter went to visit her "little sister" in the place where they have her treating her for her suicide thoughts.#2 son is golfing in SC today with friends (it's not raining down there), hubbie is changing the oil in my van.
This weather is getting everyone behind on our little jobs,unfortunately that makes work for Sunday,which we try not to do to much of.
Already the middle of March and I haven't started to work on my March jobs because of the wet weather.
I spent some time this afternoon practicing with my new camera,I got some pretty good shots.

Some of our neighbors got a surprise hail storm with pea size hail falling,seems we are bound to have some type of ice on the ground. I'm just thankful we didn't have any in our yard today. Our weather stayed cool and the drizzle finally gave way to a few rays of that elusive sunshine just before sunset.
My cousin came by for a visit tonight,I almost went to sleep while he was here,he must still be on regular time. I didn't sleep much last night,must have been that" good hot dog" I had for supper. Looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight but that's how this time is hard for me to get used to because it's almost midnight and now I'm not even tired!
Praising God tonight for all my blessings. Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We have had about 4-5 days of dreariness (cold, drizzly, rainy)--with NO sunshine... It's almost depressing!!!! No hail though --thank goodness!

When my children were little, I'd put a pot roast (with veggies) in the oven on Sunday mornings when we left for SS and Church. We did that almost every Sunday... It was wonderful to come home to that delicious smell in the house!!!! Awe---the memories!!!