Monday, March 22, 2010

OH NO, NOT SNOW !!!!!!

G-son arrived this morning at 7 am, I'm glad hubbie was off today,he gets up early anyway! He took g-son to preschool,he was the first one there!
When hubbie came home we read the paper and then decided to go to Walmart,he wanted to talk to their vision center about getting a new pair of glasses. His old frames keep turning his lens loose and when he asked the place he got them from if he could get credit on new frames,they told him no and just tightened the screws again. So he ordered new glasses this morning from Walmart,got transition lens added for less than he payed for the old ones.
I just needed more plastic containers! We picked g-son up and headed home for lunch.
G-son went down for a nap soon after we ate,so hubbie and I went outside to work. I in my shop and he was putting more dirt around the foundation of our house.
While we worked it started snowing,yes snowing,it is 38 degrees,which is the high for today.
The snow came down hard at times all afternoon,but thanks to the very warm temperatures of the last several days it melted fast. I hope it isn't still snowing this hard tonight when the temps get below freezing!!!
When g-son woke up we went outside so he could catch snow flakes on his tongue,he thought that was the funnest thing to do!
Made quite a lot of progress in my shop today,I have a lot of materials in containers now I just have to find a place for the containers.
After supper I rested and got warm for the first time today,snuggled with my 4-legged kids.
Listening to all the debate over this health care bill that passed last night,wondering just what effect it will have on me since I already buy my own health insurance and pay a healthy premium every month. I still don't think it's something government should be involved in.
Praising God for His blessing of today and giving my concerns to Him.
Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We had snow off and on yesterday --but except for some on the deck, roofs, and empty lots, we didn't get any accumulation. Today--the sun is out--and it is supposed to warm up... Yeah!!!!

Sounds like you all had a good day yesterday despite the weather...

Have a blessed Tuesday.