Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This morning broke dreary but dry,unlike what I expected after hearing the forecast last night.
After letting the dogs out and re-filling all the bird feeders I did my weight lifting and ate breakfast.
I was in a food fixing mood this morning so I made a big bowl of cherry jello with mandarin orange slices in it and a bowl of chicken salad for lunch.
#1 son is picking up g-son from pre-school and bringing him here for the afternoon.
After lunch I took g-son and made that business trip I missed yesterday,so I can mark 1 thing of my list for this week. On our way home I picked up my Avon and g-son went to sleep as usual.
After I carried everything inside I took a coffee break and looked up some more info on owner financing,now I'm even more confused!!!
Talked to the insurance company twice today,at least they are going to carry the insurance for the rest of the term on the in-laws old house,it was just lucky that I happened to know the lady that handled the account or I have a feeling we would be looking for new insurance. It's mind boggling what all happens when there is an estate to deal with after death.And the part that really boggles me is that banks and insurance companies have some one watching the obituaries in the paper everyday,wow that is not a job I would want! I'm glad now that my mother agreed to sign everything over to us kids before she died,it sure made it easy!My dad actually had the property divided his way before he died which was several years before my mother and he let every one know what his plans were so soon after his death she signed over all the property as he wanted it. I didn't realize until now what a great thing that was for him to have done. Even though my in-laws had a will, the probate of the estate has to take place,giving creditors a chance to file against the estate. The cost of all this is going to be significant, but there is no way I could have dealt with all this without help.
While g-son slept I bagged my Avon orders and stamped my books along with packaging orders to ship. I have things done this week so I can get to town early in the morning and have the afternoon to maybe start cleaning my shop if the rain holds off.
An evening of reflection.......................................

God is so good! Good Night and God Bless.


ga.farmwoman said...

That was so good your father divided the property and mother signed over to the children. My mother is almost 87 and she sold her property but did not divide as as my father had wanted it before he passed away.
My mother also sold Avon for over 40 years.

Enjoyed reading your post.
Have a great day.

Nezzy said...

Good night and sweet dreams, rest peacefully girl, you plate has been heaped over.

God bless and have a beautiful day tomorrow!