Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Getting back on my exercise routine this morning was rough,it's been almost 2 weeks since I've done any. Started today with lifting weights,bet I'll be sore tomorrow! Felt good to be back to some sort of normalcy anyway.Hubbie went back to work today,he backed the car around last night and headed it down the hill so he could get out in the ice this morning.
After breakfast I did some more laundry and waited for g-son to arrive. At almost noon his mom and dad brought him in and dad said he wants to go with me today so I'll be back to get him in a minute. G-son was so happy to go with "da da". D-in-love left for work and g-son and "da da" left to go do their "man thing" today,I think it was gonna start at "old Macdonalds" as g-son said!
I had a quick lunch and then proceeded to finish the job of sorting through the remaining boxes of things from the old house. Spent the entire afternoon washing and searching for values on e-bay, guess I'll keep my day job, no monetary valuables found.This old tin filled with spools of thread caught my attention.Looking up the artist named under the painting I found that this was a copy of the "Garden of Love" painted by Peter Paul Rubens in 1630. Rubens was a Flemish painter from the 17th century. He lived from 1577-1640, a mostly religious and mythical artist. This tin looks very old and was made in England, can find no info on what the value might be. Here are a few of the older things I brought home, the milk glass platter with the red trim is a Fire King piece, the other platter is rose colored depression glass,the jar is a 1984 Mr. peanut jar,the smaller bowl with legs matches a set of older pieces I already have and the large serving bowl has a very pretty basket weave pattern on the outside. As I look up each piece I take a mental note so when it's time to show them off I can recall at least tidbits of info.
The old glass front curio that I bought is full now with the additions of these latest pieces. I'll be so glad when warmer weather gets here so I can show off all my new additions in my new sunroom.
Memories were triggered today when I open one of the boxes that hubbie packed. I remembered when sis-in-law and I used to always wash the dishes after we had a gathering at the in-laws house and we discovered that 1 of her cabinet drawers was completely full of knives,why does anyone have so many knives,we'd laugh!!
Well I will say 1 thing, I will not have a drawer full of knives!!!!!
When hubbie came home and found all these in a shoe box on his bed,he said a lot of these were actually made by his dad so we put them high in a spot that g-son or any grands that follow cannot get to. Also if we ever get broken in on,if we can get to this location we could fend off our intruder for a good while with all these,haha!!!
I'm glad hubbie has a heart like mine when it comes to handmade things by your loved ones,although he didn't make all these,they still hold a special place for hubbie,aawww!!!
I also switched some things around and put my grape vine milk glass collection in my small corner curio.
This afternoon I also caught up my February "Operation Christmas Child" box.I try to pack 1 box a month so when it comes time to turn them in next November I'll have 11 boxes all ready to go. I bought a lot of after Christmas sale items to start out my boxes. I always find interesting new items to go in the boxes at flea markets during the spring and summer.
When hubbie got in from work we did the chores quickly and just worked on staying warm tonight as we relaxed for the evening in front of the TV watching b-ball games,both N.C. teams that played tonight lost.
The weather today was a little odd at best, the sunshine was blinding as it reflected off the snow and even with the high temperature being only 35 with blustery wind causing chill factors around 20 the snow mostly melted somehow!! What a difference a day makes........ Yesterday the snow was still falling at afternoon chore time,today the sun was shining and most of the 7" of snow was history at afternoon chore time. God somehow removed His snow blanket even with freezing temperature,revealing a seemingly greener world!! What a special Savior we have!!! Good Night and God Bless.

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Betsy from Tennessee said...

This was a quick --come and go snow, wasn't it Marilyn???? However, our temps today didn't get out of the 20's and it flurried off and on all day.. SO--we haven't lost all of our snow yet. Tomorrow --it is supposed to get up to 40--so hopefully, it will be gone.

Your pictures yesterday were so pretty. I didn't comment--but I read your post.

You certainly did get lots of great 'treasures' when you cleaned out your FIL's home. It's amazing what one finds at times like this. George's parents have hoarded so much junk through the years. He dreads having to go through all of that house when the time comes.