Friday, March 12, 2010


Early start to a busy day,as a light drizzle was falling outside I let the dogs out and checked on the cattle. Back inside I lifted weights and then started baking cakes. I ate a cup of dry cheerios and drank a cup of tea while I baked,yeah,that kind of day!
I agreed to do a TV interview with the local weather girl today after lunch so I need to speed things along this morning.
I did another quick search for some snow pictures from years ago. She is doing a story on this winter's weather and how it compares to winters more than 30 or so years ago. Luckily when I was a young girl 10-11 years old I made scrap books out of news paper clippings of those days and I still have them. More of that old clutter,haha!!!! Anyway they really came in handy for this story because she has been told that there was a time when it was so cold the French Broad River froze over,but she couldn't find any information on it. The French Broad River is a prominent landmark in Western North Carolina.Named by the early settlers because it was a "broad" that actually ran away from the ocean,northwest into what was then French Territory. The headwaters of the French Broad spill from a 50 foot waterfall in Transylvania County called Court House Falls. This river runs through several counties in Western NC and is a very large river so it is hard to imagine it being frozen completely over but these pictures are the evidence the weather girl was looking for form the winter of '65-'66,wish I hadn't cut the dates off !
We talked and they took pictures for almost 2 hours.
Her article will air hopefully on the last day of winter next week,maybe I can figure out how to link you to it,should be an interesting story.
When they left I decided to unpack my new camera,I played with it a while until the storms and pouring rains came and ran all the birds away. We had a period of very hard rain and thunder and lightning,a spring storm already!! Thankfully it passed quickly and didn't cause a flood, not yet anyway!! Although it didn't pass fast enough to avoid a huge multi vehicle wreck on the interstate just south of our place.These 2 trucks along with 3 cars and a moving truck all were involved in this heavy rain caused wreck,blocking the interstate for hours this afternoon.Glad I was home!!
We did our chores in a muddy,drizzly mess this afternoon. Daughter did her baking,we had sub-way again for supper and then headed to finish work at church.
I iced cakes,wrapped and labeled them,then finished a red riding hood doll order I have.
Whew!! My back hurts,wonder why????
Thank you Lord for the strength You give me everyday,I know nothing I do would be possible without You beside me. Glory to Your name!
Good Night and God Bless.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marilyn, We had rain today also... The 18-wheelers drive so fast on our interstates that it is scary. It's no wonder there are so many wrecks with the big rigs....

That was interesting about the French Broad River--and how it got its name. Funny!!!!! The French Broad comes into TN also....

Courthouse Falls --and the Rosman area is a place we want to go sometime. It's an area where there are several waterfalls and we haven't been there yet. Maybe in May--we'll get there.

I hope we get to read the weather story.... You are smart to keep your clutter!!!!! Interesting stuff.


Anonymous said...

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