Saturday, April 11, 2015

EGGS !!!

A cooler morning greeted me today as I hurried through chores to get ready for market.
Hubbie left before me so he could go by the church and drop of the food for the funeral this morning.
This morning's funeral is a very special lady and the oldest member of our church congregation.
Anne Pressley was 97 years old and one of the sweetest most Christian ladies you could ever meet, she will be greatly missed by all. This pic was taken a few years ago at an outside tent service we had. R.I.P. Mrs. Anne.

Market was pretty slow again today and I worked on my laptop some more, finally got it restored to a time before all this craziness started so maybe that is the fix.
After market I went by Aldi and picked up some baking supplies and some things for lunch tomorrow.
I headed home to unload. Hubbie was here to help then he started mowing the lawn. That "weed and feed" we put out worked on the weeds but the grass is growing like crazy.
Re and d-in-love brought all the kids up to play this evening.
D-in-love took another caramel cake up to the church for the second funeral of the day. This man was also a special man, he was always one of the friendliest folks you could ever be around and he will also be sorely missed by all. R. I.P. Lenton .

The kids played for a long time.

Little EL got over her fear of the chickens and gathered the eggs with me this evening.

 WOW !!!!  Look at the size of this one Mimi !!!!
EL had some excitement earlier in the day as she got to check out the trackhoe her "Poppy" was running as he worked on the road on their property across the road when she and her mom and brother took him lunch.

After they left hubbie and I had supper and then we relaxed for the evening.
I am very thankful for a day filled with awesome blessings  and praying for both the families of the loved ones that were buried today.
Good Night and God Bless

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